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  2. I'm upgrading to a new PC. I prefer laptops, but it seems that most of the models have lots of overheating issues. So on to desktops. I'm not building, I don't have the time. I'd describe myself as a casual gamer and moderately technology stupid. I'm basically looking for computer where I can purchase whatever popular game without wondering if it will run. I play Minecraft, Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, and need it to run graphics software Illustrator and Photoshop (very well). I'm really liking the MSI computers. Budget is around $1500-$2000. $2200 tops with the monitor. Yeah, I need a monitor too; feel free to make suggestions, 24" is fine. I kinda know what I'm looking for, but I'd like suggestions as far as components that are really good vs ones to avoid. What's really stable? I don't want to spend 2K on a computer and be disappointed with quality. Possible Specs-ish Geforce GTX 1080 Ti 256 SSD and a 1TB drive 16GB to 32GB Intel i7 GREAT COOLING SYSTEM!!! BlueRay/ DVD drive (big Bonus points) Case doesn't look like a big tin (extra bonus points) :) THANKS!!!
  3. Are you still clicking?

    Nice! Khusus Gaming
  4. Are you still clicking?

    Are you still clicking? Why? Silent Mice is here. PC Gaming is tons of fun, but for those around you it can be annoying and distracting to hear all that clicking noise. Have no fear Silent Mice is here. The clicking noise is not needed in today's day and age. The silent mice have the same satisfying click feeling as a regular mouse but its silent. Save those around you from the stress and frustration of an annoying click sound. Buy a silent mouse today! https://www.silentmice.com
  5. Hello everyone, I have a trouble about Metal Gear Solid V:Phantom Pain game. I played it for hours then I went to university and bought a new PC and I just realized that I have forgetten to copy savegame folder. So I am searching for a savegame folder for PC version. I have played until Africa Part's Beginning. It was %40 progress I think.If anyone who has savegame file which is about start of Africa part, I will appreciate a lot. Thanks!
  6. Attack On Titan Fan Game Looks Better Than The Official One

    Hahaha well said
  7. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shugun

    I don't know this game , just looked on a gameplay video before I went to work , is the game play similar of diablo ?
  8. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shugun

    Any of you guys played Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun? It was launched last year for PC and this week it was released for XBox One and PS 4. It's a really awesome strategy game.
  9. Attack On Titan Fan Game Looks Better Than The Official One

    Better than the official one? No. Decent and remarkable for a fan made game. Absolutely. The titan doesn't look like any of the ones from the anime, and Erin looks like he is being propelled through the air by farts.
  10. Netflix Now in Kuwait!

    After using @SupremeLeaderMickie accounts for 2 years now :P ( THANK YOU <3 ) I have to say even thought the library is limited in Kuwait but it keeps expanding which is a good thing. My love for netflix is how fast the streaming is, sometimes I can't even browse or open youtube but I can netflix

    what kind of trouble are you facing with your CPU? BUT With out looking at the info of your motherboard I read your CPU type is AMD and you want to go for intel CPUs then you have to change your motherboard to get an i5 or i7 CPU. Why don't you first try changing your GPU to GTX 1060 it will increase your FPS in games even though your CPU might bottleneck i then you can change your motherboard + CPU. Getting a new Mothetboard + CPU from intel will give you a long future and you only have to upgrade the GPU in the future @FreakOrama didn't upgrade his CPU from 2012 I think

    I'm looking to upgrade my computer. I have been having trouble with my CPU and trying to upgrade it. Specs: GeForce 960 CPU: AMD Athlon x4 860k Motherboard: MSI A78M-E35 The socket type for this motherboard seems to have heavily restricted me on what i was able to get for upgrading. I want to go to intel i5 to i7 if i can. Im not too sure if i would need to completely replace the motherboard, if so, what are good options that wont limit me upgrading more in the future? Thank you :)
  13. Music / OST - What are you listening to?

    This list just sucks the tilt out of me after a losing streak lol
  14. Newbie in the house!

    Welcome to the forum. lol haven't seen ISIS chan emote in a while.
  15. Harness Suggestions Please

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I also came across with this Travel dog harness when I was checking some sellers online. Do you think this is a good reliable brand? Would you recommend it?
  16. As @FreakOrama suggested it's better to get the same screens so screen realstate will be the same and the height difference/colors..etc of many things will not change in your eyes. but if you still want to go with other screens like flat monitors I suggest these: https://www.amazon.com/LG-25UM58-P-25-Inch-21-UltraWide/dp/B01BV1XB2K/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1500538126&sr=1-2&keywords=2k+monitor It might work with your screen setup, but again try to get the same screen. Good luck
  17. 2 monitors to match benq3501? suggestions

    I'm not a fan of curved monitors (although I haven't really played around with one much) but I'd suggest getting the same monitors or ones that's the same in resolution and size so you don't have troubles with your general user experience and gaming experience.
  18. Music / OST - What are you listening to?

    How I miss Cowboy bepop <3 Listeing to : Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku (OST Dragon Ball GT) - The FIELD OF VIEW
  19. Newbie in the house!

    Heya! Glad to have you =3
  20. Harness Suggestions Please

    Wish I had a dog to get a harness.. although I also wish i had someone to take care of him x3
  21. Harness Suggestions Please

    We used to own a dog but we always kept in the house ( wolf dog ) and she looked like the lovely wolf from the movie : Princess mononoke but that doesn't matter I went to amazon ( I nearly buy all of my things from there ) but you can see this it seems perfect : https://www.amazon.com/EzyDog-CLICK-Attachment-Adjustable-Restraints/dp/B00BS98JX2
  22. Newbie in the house!

    Welcome to the forum ( Yourshkune ) hope I wrote that Japanese word correctly XD
  23. Anyone here who owns a dog? I'm looking for a harness that I can attach to my car's seat belt. Can you suggest me a good brand? I always travel with my dog so I think he'll be safer with a harness on.
  24. Music / OST - What are you listening to?

    Listening to "The Real Folk Blues" OST: Cowboy Bebop
  25. Newbie in the house!

    Hi guys! I'm a Newbie, please take care of me!
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