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    • I'm upgrading to a new PC. I prefer laptops, but it seems that most of the models have lots of overheating issues. So on to desktops. I'm not building, I don't have the time. I'd describe myself as a casual gamer and moderately technology stupid. I'm basically looking for computer where I can purchase whatever popular game without wondering if it will run. I play Minecraft, Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, and need it to run graphics software Illustrator and Photoshop (very well). I'm really liking the MSI computers. Budget is around $1500-$2000. $2200 tops with the monitor. Yeah, I need a monitor too; feel free to make suggestions, 24" is fine. I kinda know what I'm looking for, but I'd like suggestions as far as components that are really good vs ones to avoid. What's really stable? I don't want to spend 2K on a computer and be disappointed with quality. Possible Specs-ish Geforce GTX 1080 Ti 256 SSD and a 1TB drive 16GB to 32GB Intel i7 GREAT COOLING SYSTEM!!! BlueRay/ DVD drive (big Bonus points)  Case doesn't look like a big tin (extra bonus points) :)    THANKS!!!      
    • Are you still clicking? Why? Silent Mice is here. PC Gaming is tons of fun, but for those around you it can be annoying and distracting to hear all that clicking noise. Have no fear Silent Mice is here. The clicking noise is not needed in today's day and age. The silent mice have the same satisfying click feeling as a regular mouse but its silent. Save those around you from the stress and frustration of an annoying click sound. Buy a silent mouse today! https://www.silentmice.com
    • Hello everyone, I have a trouble about Metal Gear Solid V:Phantom Pain game. I played it for hours then I went to university and bought a new PC and I just realized that I have forgetten to copy savegame folder. So I am searching for a savegame folder for PC version. I have played until Africa Part's Beginning. It was %40 progress I think.If anyone who has savegame file which is about start of Africa part, I will appreciate a lot. Thanks!

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