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What Did you Buy Today ?

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On 11/13/2015, 11:48:27, DonMeow said:

grats mate meow 

hmmmm 32 GB is better :p meow


when the need rises, i'll buy another 2 for that 32, for now i'm happy and enough with 16 =)

On 11/20/2015, 9:26:50, shovanmeher said:

Today I bought a COKE

and today i bought Mountain Dew =D

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On 2/13/2016, 5:42:14, shovanmeher said:

I have seen the gameplay... I didn't like it much... Naruto Shippudin

Well it's for the Digimon fans mainly, if we're talking about the game itself on its own, it's just good, not great+. Since i'm an Digimon fan tho, it's great+ for me <3

Bought this =3


and dis =3


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