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Why isn't There Middle-East Servers for Games? Now We Know The Reason

Many years passed and more online multiplayer games come out, with servers for most regions but still nothing for the Middle East region, we've wondered why and we've guessed a few but now we know exactly why thanks to Rocket League.
A lot of people were asking for Middle East servers for Rocket League as it was even popular within Arab gamers, and then the developers revealed why there can't be ME servers and settle with nearby EU servers. Countries within the ME regions are at war, and some countries just don't agree with each other to cooperate with services, and even within one country such as Dubai, half of the internet providers there don't cooperate with each other. What this all means that, if you're not in the same country, or if you're not using a specific provider, you'll get connected to another provider from another country, then come connecting back to the ME server, doubling your ping.
So it's because either:
1. There's a war going on
2. One country don't cooperate with another.
3. Internet providers don't cooperate with another which are in the same country.
4. All of the above.
This makes me sad and most likely everyone reading this, we can only just hope in the future that this stupidity doesn't continue.

Review: Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame

Some history first..
Now I was really excited for Karmaflow when it had its Kickstarter up and running, I was filled with joy upon knowing that it got funded as at that point it was made sure that the game would come out, in most cases that is. So the game came out in a two-part fashion because they couldn't finish the game in time and they apparently needed more development money. Understandable, since game development is like the laws of physics but something went wrong. So anyway, Act 1 came out and I got code to review it, but I gave it a shot playing the first 10 minutes and.. well it was shit to be frank.
So I held off playing the game and my review, waiting on Act 2 to finish up and expecting major patches to come through to fix all the obvious issues the game had, and after waiting around 2 months Act 2 was release and the game got patched but still was shit, arguably less bad than it was in the first place, but still really bad. Waited another month and they had a big patch again, and this time around it made the game enjoyable to play through, to a degree though. And now we're here with the review, after such a long time I've decided to write about it.
Now what's the game? It's a third person platforming adventure Rock/Metal musical. A freaking musical! and it's rock/metal! how awesome is that!? I mean come on it's a rarity to get a musical adventure game so I was really really excited about it.
Talking about what the game has to offer in terms of the goodies, the art style and character designs are great! and since this is a musical game, the soundtrack had to be great as well, and yes it is amazing.
Now on to the OK-ish stuff, the controls were nice but your platforming throughout the environment is.. mediocre. To word it differently, the platforming as a whole was not that great. Also, the battles you had with certain characters were also mediocre, although they were interesting because of their design and music.
And on to the bad.. The presentation was crap, aside from the music. What I mean by presentation is that there way a blue screen with white drawings telling the story.. i mean come on. The production quality is crap, aside from the music. What I mean by that is some areas are just too damn gloomy and dead feeling, some animations were too clunky, the menus are horrible, there was a lot of bugs and some of them were really frustrating that it halted my progression to a point where I had to memorize where were the bugs and avoid them, in a linear game.. yea. And last the overall quality was just bad, aside from the music though, and the art style.
So to summarize, I was expecting a beautiful adventure of metallic wonder, and while I got the metallic wonder and a half beauty, I was given a bug-filled adventure with a production quality of a side room in a building that KONAMI forgot about. I give this game a sad and heart-breaking buy-it-at-75-percent-off-sale / 10.
Damn I really had high hopes for this game, I wouldn't mind if it was decent but it wasn't even that. Just buy the soundtrack if anything, that's cool. I think what happened is they literally spent 75% of the money they squired to pay of the music, and the rest was put into development. The music is great but the game.. gaah. I'm really sad now..

Check Out Hollow Knight, It's Freaking Great!

I remember seeing this game called Hollow Knight a long time ago (1 or so year ago) and thought that it looks really neat with how it looks and how nice the character design was, and that was about it until I got notified of it a few days ago and got given access to its beta. So I tried it out and soon after I found myself finishing the whole content that was in the beta, even the secret areas! and to conclude it now instead at the end of this article because why not, Hollow Knight is an amazing game and I'd recommend getting it 100% as its now sales for the game with beta access are up on the game's website.
Now what the actual heck is the game? It's a 2D action adventure (sort of platformer) where its set in a dark world with beautiful visuals, as its hand-drawn animation delight as seen in the gameplay video above, and you play as a 'hollow knight' adventure through an underground city (you could call it a labyrinth if you want) where you'll meet some interesting characters that will tell you the world's story here and there alongside their own, and you'll also meet the creatures that would harm you so you'd kill em.
I guess people could call it a "2D Dark Souls" but the game's aesthetic is so unique and controls are simple and fast somewhat that I'd just classify this game as its own unique game separate from lookalikes. The adventure itself is lovely and the creatures you fight are always entertaining and challenging as you'd have to figure they combat style and movement optimally pass through and defeat them. More so with elite creatures and epic boss battles.
It's not out and still accepting pre-orders in which it would unlock more content for the game, so if you like what you see and what I told you then go ahead and buy/check the game out.

New Final Fantasy Gameplay Footage Showcases Chocobo Ridding & Fishing Then Grilling

A new Final Fantasy XV gameplay video was released today from Tokyo Game Show 2015, and one that showcases and confirms that we'll be able to ride a chocobo, which is sweet! We also see how fishing in the game goes as you capture one and then continue to grill it for consumption.
Also, some story information reaveled at the event shows that Noctis's father (the main character's father, the king) had the same powers as Noctis does.
The queen, Noctic's mother died when he was still an infant. Luna is the youngest Oracle ever to talk to the gods, and she made a promise with Noctis that they both would want to keep.

Persona 5 Looks Sweet! in This New Trailer That is! But It's Delayed to 2016

Tokyo Game Show is still happening and with this day probably being the best one? as we get a new Persona 5 trailer with a lot more in-game / gameplay stuff.
One bit revealed that the combat is still turn-based like its previous titles, which to me is a bummer as I was hoping it would've been real time, but since it's confirmed to be turn-based then I'll be playing it in its easiest mode to get the combat sessions over with as fast as possible, if it's anything like P4 that is. Also what's nice that can be noticed is that there seems to be a lot more stuff to do that's off-combat so that's really nice =3
Also here's more actual gameplay from another video they've released as the developer(s) get interviewed.

New Final Fantasy XV Trailer - Dawn 2.0 . Ride a Chocobo!

As we wait for this amazing game to come out, we get to see a new trailer of Final Fantasy XV that came from the TGS 2015 titled Dawn 2.0. Man, I can wait to play the full thing, the demo that they had/have is awesome in itself.
A new screenshot that was released or leaked (dunno) reveals that you can ride a frickin Chocobo!

Also, look at this bad ass awesome art work / promo art.

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