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Ace Attorney 6 FIRST TRAILER!

As I (we if you're a really cool fan) wait for the other Ace Attorney game that looks really really interesting and know as Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken, if it ever comes out (PLEASE CAPCOM RELEASE THE NA VERSION ALREADY) we get the first trailer for Ace Attorney 6 where Pheonix Wright looks really serious and a badass in this one compared to AA5.
Also as it turns out, they announced that an Ace Attorney anime (movie or show, not sure) coming out in April 2016, so that's neat.

ESSENCE, Another Walking-Sim That I Want To Play

Got a heads up on this game called Essence as it is currently on Kickstarter, and from the looks of it "surreal exploration game with enormous worlds shaping and recoloring the further you progress through the game and story." it looks like a walking simulator like Dear Esther, Gone Home, or that other surreal game with a lot of structures that's non-textured, and I loved all those games and can't wait to try this one out if it ever comes out. Let's hope it turns out good.

Gravity Rush/Daze 2 Announced For PS4 [Gameplay]

Announced at Tokyo Game Show, Gravity Rush 2 (or Gravity Daze 2) is happening and it's coming for the PS4 rather than the PSVita. While fans who played the game on the first game on the vita will probably be salty not getting the sequel on that system, I see this as a good decision because even when the first game came out, it was really ambitious and huge for it to be handled by the PSVita, so now that it's coming to the PS4 we know that it will be fully utilized to its full potential.
Gravity Rush 2 is coming out next year on PS4, and another nice announcement is that the first game, Gravity Rush is coming to PS4 on February 10th 2016.
UPDATE: So here's off-screen gameplay footage of Gravity Rush/Daze Remastered running on PS4. It looks sooooo slick and smooth! D1P!

HARDCORE First Person Shooter Movie

One of the most popular genres in the world of gaming, if not the most popular, is first person shooters, and there were attempts in the past to bring that vision and perspective to movies but HARDCORE is trying to take the cake as the best one as a full film in the first person perspective. I'm no critic on movies so I'll probably like this, but let's hope it's actually good.

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