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Get Your Own BB-8 Droid. Mini-version

I'm buying this. Yes, you can get one for your self as it is actually real. Made by the dudes over at Sphero. I just hope the battery is at least 2 hours long or more.
Update: IGN got their hands on it. turns out that it needs 3 hours to fully charge, and about an hour of play time. Also here is where you can get it, priced at 150$.

Wildstar Free-To-Play [29-09-2015] and Guild Wars 2 too!

aaaaaand another MMORPG that was subscription-based just went free to play. By just went I mean on the 29th. Heck even Guild Wars 2, which is a buy to play (buy the game once and that's it) game went free to play a few days ago.
The game MMORPG left that's still subscription based and still going is Final Fantasy XIV. I think that game will live longer before going F2P.


It's been a while since we saw the first BATMETAL and now we get a new one. I think the title for this one aside from BATMETAL RETURNS is MERMAIDER, since he says it alot, but it's awesome and let's hope to see more of it in the future. These are just too awesome to not have more of.

Final Fantasy XV Looks Awesome. Look at those Car Driving Controls and Options

I like exploring in beautiful games with beautiful vistas and beautiful characters with beautiful creatures and really high quality.. beautiful textures. Final Fantasy XV / 15 has that as a new video was released from a live-stream where you can hop in the back and enjoy the scenery as one of your buddies take control of the car and drive, or you take control and drive yourself in first person.
You can stop at any time and explore whatever, park at certain destinations so you won't lose your car, or lose gas in the middle of the road and then you have to push your car with your buddies to the nearest gas station.. yea that's kind of awesome.
It's kind of a shame that it's not coming to PC (at least not at launch. let's hope they announce a PC version) because it's using the latest tech and quality work, yet it can't be run and get complimented on powerful machines but on dated hardware. Oh well.
Here's the same video but without the commentary

Amazon Underground App Store - Download Now !

Amazon Launched it's new "  updated App Store " called Amazon Underground it's the same thing as the Amazon App Store but it's " UnderGround "  which means that this new app store when you see an app labeled as " actually free" that means you get the FULL APP/GAME and all the extra maps or powers..etc for free because all the in game purchases are already bought for you 
Amazon Underground App Screen Shot 1Amazon Underground App Screen Shot 2Amazon Underground App Screen Shot 3Amazon Underground WallpaperAmazon Underground Letter

What you Get :
Full free App In-Game App Purchases ( Free )  
What Developers Get :

The More Users Play = The More Amazon Pays No Need for users to hack the game because they get everything for free  
You can download the app by going to amazon.com/underground or by download the attached file which is the APK File.
Amazon will gain from this alot of users switch to Amazon App Store ( Amazon Underground App Store ) to make people switch into their system so it's a win win for all users ( Amazon + Devs + Users ) 
Note : will have alot of access to things on your phone 
Now people start downloading 

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & S6 Edge +, Launched in Kuwait.

A Company in Kuwait Named " Eureka " have launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (32GB) & the Galaxy S6 Edge + (32GB) Today. T
The Note 5 Going for 230 KWD ( 761 USD ) and the S6 Edge + for 250 KWD ( 827 USD )
Below is The Adverts of Eureka for Both Phones 
S6 Edge +Note 5

I am 100% Sure within a month a price drop will happen for these devices, this is to much for a Phone of 32GB Space it will nearly cost 1000 USD. They Might sell the 64GB verison for 1000 USD, seeing that the 32GB cost that much

PSN Flash Sale For August 2015, This Weekend Only ( 81 Games )

Every Month Sony gives free games for it's PSN Plus users and does a sale on the games that they have, but this time Sony is doing a sudden flash sale for this weekend, so be sure to have your wallet ready to get killed the games that will go for sale is already on the store but the sale won't start until Friday.
Here are the games that will go on Sale for the PS4 ( 20 Games )  :
Here are the PS3 Games that will go on Sale ( 47 Games ) : 
Here are the PS Vita Games that will go on Sale ( 14 Games ) : 

PS Vita Games SalePS4 Games SalePS3 Games Sale

So the PS4 Got 20 Games on Sale, the PS Vita Got 14 Games on sale, AND the PS3 got 47 Games on Sale, so get ready o spend some money and I hope you guys have the games you wanted is already in the list ( Total of 81 Games ).

3D Anime Adventure Time Game is Real Apparently, and it's in Beta

a 3D Anime" video, now we actually have a game version of that. Looks like a third person action adventure game and it's called (at the moment) "What if Adventure Time Was a 3D Anime Game".
Don't know if this is a good or a bad thing, but why not. If it's better than what will be released then that's great! It's apparently already in beta and there's a demo for it for those who donate money to the creator in his/her patron page.

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