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Anime Animated First Person Shooter? Why Hasn't Anybody Made it Yet!?

I wonder when someone will make a first person shooter, or just a first person something that's mostly animated in anime 2D style. The thought came when I saw the above clip on Twitter, a clip from an anime called " " and it just looks great. Imagine a first person shooter with 2D anime animations such as the above, in a 3D environment shooting anime characters. That would be so awesome! Any game developer reading this, take this idea and please make it. I'll love you forever!  

Mirror's Edge Catalyst's Collector's Edition Announced. Priced at 200 Dollars and I Want It

EA/DICE just announced the collectores edition for their upcoming, hopefully awesome and not a fuck up, second game in the series, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst.  Priced at 200$, it features the following:
Adult Faith/Young Faith diorama Exclusive Steel book Exclusive lithograph Set of 10 concept pieces Temporary logo tattoo Temporary Faith arm tattoo Storage box If the game isn't a shitstorm and is actually as equal or better than the first game, then first I'd erase away my anger and disappointments the company had for their previews 3 or so games that I've mostly wasted my money on, and then I'd buy this because I love Mirror's Edge.

Figure Heads Online Closed Beta Gameplay

Sometime ago Squire Enix released an announcement trailer for their upcoming mech shooter game with some weird mix of music for what the game felt, and later on they released what looked like a tutorial/explanation video with more gameplay clips in it. Well it seems that a good amount of gameplay footage of the game's closed beta test are being released by the select few who got in. Video provided by Steparu.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth English Localization, Releasing on the PS4 & PSVita

We're huge fans of the Digimon world, and seeing that the PSVita game Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is getting English Localization and getting released on the PS4 alongside digitally for the PSVita definitely makes us really happy and excited for it. No exact date for the release but it's coming out in 2016.
Personally I'm probably getting it both on Vita and PS4. You can never have too much Digimon.

New Sister Site: Future Beta Gamer

Yes we have a new sister site and some of you probably have seen it already, but we'd like to announce our new sister site: Future Beta Gamer. A fun little gaming focused site that will cover all games that are in development (Prototype, alpha, beta or anything in between).
It's a useful site for gamers and game developers to have a site to go to and check up on such games. A select game will be featured everyday, news coverage of game development, and an archive of in-development games for you to check out or to have it as a reference to see what games you want to play.
Hope you like what we have. Keep on gaming!

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