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Blade & Soul's Free-to-Play Model Announced!

So Blade & Soul's is already known that's Free to Play, but now NCSoft Announced the Free-to-Play Model.
Which will have fare Gameplay and all the factors will be on the players skills
 They will have something called NCoins + In game coins, which basically is ( Like what's happening in Wild Star + World of Warcraft ) where you can buy things with real money or visa versa
Also Ofcourse they have something called the " Prime Member Ship " which will give discount on things, and gettings like new premium cloth and like a better looking running way of floating, read on it the below Quote
At least the last thing is  the " Founder Pack " which basically is buying it / pre-ordering it to get a closed beta key to play it soon, alternatvie way is to go ahead and head out to the Russian private servers and play the game in English but the sad thing is not all of it is in English and the people their do not speak so it's hard to be in a community 
Source by email + this link on NCSoft/Blade & Soul Website

Islamic Rating System For Games is Created in Saudi Arabia. Multiple Games Are Banned

Saudia Arabia has begun its gaming penetration and now has implemented an "Islamic" rating system. It's not a bad thing necessary, the system is like the USA ESRB rating system but coated with the word "Islamic" because of the extreme religious nature of the country.

The only bad thing is the banned games which a lot of gamers won't be happy about. One of the band games is the extremely popular survival shooter The Last of Us.

My Thoughts On: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood REVIEW

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the standalone expansion prequel game for Wolfenstein: The New Order, set in the year 1946 playing as BJ Blazkowicz, the USA hero with a bad German accent, and you're still killing Nazi bastards, but instead of killing "Nazi Fucking Space" men, you kill Nazi zombies.
The game still looks as good as the main game of course, plays the same, runs the same, but the difference is the time setting with the story, along side a few different mechanics.
As an expansion / DLC of sort, the game will give you around 9 hours worth of a campaign, and additional hours playing its side game mode which is actually fun as it looks and feels like those old kill as many people as possible and get a lot of points, and it's really fun to see those points popping.
The story and dialogue is interesting and somewhat comical. The gameplay / gun-play is really smooth and honestly just straight out awesome. The scenery is damn beautiful at points, and horrifically great in others.
It's worth its price for the content and quality that you'll get, but if you didn't like the main game then you'll probably won't like this one, but for me I'd wholeheartedly recommended getting and playing this game as I did immensely enjoy the main game. I was happy killing Space Nazis, and I'm happy now killing Nazi Zombies. Although I do hope they mix the two at some point, Space Nazi Zombies.

My Thoughts On: Mortal Kombat X REVIEW

Mortal Kombat X is here, the tenth game in the Mortal Kombat universe and one that’s bound to hit you right in the nuts, because it’s as brutal and awesome to play as you remember compared to previous games.
If you don’t know what Mortal Kombat X is, it’s a 2.5D fighting game with a handful of unique characters to choose from, and what makes this game unique compared to others is its bloody and brutal violence, especially unique with its fatalities.
What you’ll get with the game is a movie-like singleplayer campaign with various fights initiated within it, along side interactive quick-time events in some of its cut-scenes. Normal local-multiplayer matches and online multiplayer matches ranging from two to ten competitors. Extra online and offline game modes like scaling a tower filled with various enemies, or playing in a match with random properties and effects placed on the two competing players and the environment / level. 24 playable character with an extra one that you have to pay for, and 13 maps. Online leaderboards and a hourly / daily / monthly community challenges with it’s faction wars system.
The game’s campaign is set to be like a movie with stage selecting looking like a timeline, choosing where you want to start and resume your (movie) game.
Going to the campaign’s story itself, it’s decent and entertaining with a lot of unique characters to keep the whole game refreshing, and seeing the look of various characters in their current older age then going back in time for serving memories and seeing the same characters a few years younger, adding some charm to the campaign.
It wasn’t too long but not too short, with the whole movie-like campaign of cut-scenes and interactive QTE cut-scenes, with the added fights in between after every couple of cut-scenes, setting you back around 4 to 6 hour long campaign depending on your skills. It’s also worth mentioning that you have a choice to skip fights and just watch the whole campaign without fighting, which is a nice option to have for those who want that.
The gameplay is fast and the controls are responsive, with each character having their own attacks, controls and speed which will give you a lot of options to choose from, depending on your preference and your play style. The difficulty of the campaign starts from easy to hard with each chapter you finish, and you can also set the difficulty of offline matches with the AI so it can match your in game skills.
The amount of content that the game has to offer outside the campaign is a healthy amount, with a good set of fighters and maps, loads of offline and online game modes like what was mentioned above, an online leader-board, faction wars with their bonus perks, and a good amount of character attacks, special attacks and fatalities.
What’s also neat about the new MK is that it has environmental interactions where you click a certain button to make a long distanced jump, or grabbing your opponent to smash them into an object to deal a good amount of damage, or throwing people / creatures / objects at your opponent.
The online part of the game is running smoothly with quick matches being established, and there seems to be little to no issues appearing while fighting against other players. This might change and worsen upon launch, so keep that in mind.
The presentation is great with a nice slick UI and a good movie-like campaign with a story that could have been better. The graphics are nice and crisp that looks noticeably better than the previous title, and the gameplay is as great if not better with the bloody brutality still being horribly awesome, and the satisfying impacts of various attacks from all of the fighters. A lot of content and replayability for offline / online multiplayer. Overall Mortal Kombat X is a great fighting game worthy of the title and prince point, one that will keep you busy and satisfied until the next one comes out.
This review is based off the PS4 version of the game.
This preview a re-post from where I original wrote here.

Killing Floor 2 Beta Preview

(gameplay video coming soon)
Killing Floor 2 is a game that I’ve been looking forward to, and even though I didn’t like the first Killing Floor, the sequel proceeds it by far while still keeping true to the original and what made it popular. We got hands-on with the game and played a good amount of it, and for a quick impression of the game, it’s great.
So what original caught my attention to the game is its design, with how the overall look being slick and clean but overflown with blood and body parts, and after playing it I can definitely say that I was not disappointed.
With ever shot and every slash I took against these disgusting and horrible yet cool looking man killing freaks, there was a good amount of blood being splattered on the floor, walls and ceilings, not only blood but also body parts and parts of those parts cut off from their body. It was a lovely massacre.
But aside from wonderful visuals, what I also found is a smashing Metal soundtrack, one that boiled my blood and excited me to start killing all the walking and running shit-heads that dared to walk in my path mutated walking-dead.
I disliked the first game not because of its looks, but because of the how the game played / controlled, it did not feel right for some reason, but now the feeling with Killing Floor 2 is in the right track along side all other popular first person shooters and how they handle their controls.
Although the gameplay / controls of the game is now better and in the lines of other FPS games, what makes this one unique is how the animations differ from default ones that many use, and how they’ve combined different actions to work together. For example through a grenade while aiming down sights will slight move your aimed sights to the side to throw the grenade.
A cool and unique feature from the original Killing Floor is also in its sequel, the slow-motion effect where doing a certain action activates the effect and slows everything down, making you see all the animations in beautiful detail like reloading or firing and seeing bullets slowly fly over to your enemy’s soon exploding head.
It’s also worth noting that most if not all games run gun animations at 24 frames per second, but since KF2 has this unique effect, they had to make it look nice by making the gun animations run at a rate of 200 frames per second. If that number didn’t impress you then the actual animation and effect will.
But is the game fun? The answer is a definite yes, with a nice six player online coop, a handful of weapons to choose from, difficulty going up to an insane level that’s satisfying to defeat, various enemies with unique shapes and abilities to keep the game refreshing, and just small details that makes the whole experience fun to play.
Overall Killing Floor 2 is a great online coop FPS that’s going in a direction that many will like, with more content and tweaks to come in the future up until its launch outside of Steam’s Early Access, and the upcoming moding support for the community to play around with and producing more content for the game. Killing Floor 2 is definitely a shooter you that you check out.
This preview is a re-post from where I original wrote here.

KSalue Is Now A Network, New Sister Site

We're announcing that KSalue is now a network with branching websites, with the first one called GamingPCForum (http://gamingpcforum.com/) and another website that will soon launch. A Separate announcement for the second website will be revealed sometime this year.
KSalue will still remain as you know it as your source of gaming, tech, and news for the Middle-East/U.S/Global, connecting people from this region with others and their cultures, and vise versa. Becoming a network simply adds to more awesome work to be done for this lovely website.
If you are interested in KSalue or its other websites, and want to contribute your time to us as a writer and/or reporter, or if you have a product you want us to look at, then that would be awesome! We'd encourage you to contact us.

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