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Victor Vran Beta Preview

Victory Vran is a top-down isometric action-RPG where you play as a man with a fidora whom probably gets asked if he can lift, and although I wanted to be a different fedora man to play as in my adventure of killing a lot of cool looking dancing skeletons and getting to be Aladdin, this game is a hidden gem I never expected to love.
The graphics are good with a nice art style to it, especially the handful of character art in the game along side its description, which does look great, and what give the game that awesome graphical touch aside from its general look, is that you can rotate your camera around, giving you the control of looking wherever you want to see the games world and beauty from multiple sides, adding to the immersion and connection you'd have to the world.
The sound design is good too, but the soundtrack is just great to listen to. Although there isn't voice acting at the moment, it would definitely help if there will be, adding to the overall great production of a game.
The gameplay is great with a lot of weapons to play around with, different armor/clothes types to wear, a lot of variety and fun in its different mechanics like simply jumping, which most if not all games in its genre does not use, wall-jumping which is extremely satisfying (as well as normal jumping) to access new areas, and finding secret nicely hidden areas which is awesome to find and rewarding.
Also, when going into a dungeon, or any level, you would have a nice little preview of that dungeon/level before going in. The game is moderately challenging, with boss fights being unique and extremely challenging, even with a coop friend. Mentioning coop, it's really nice with no complications to come along with it, as you just invite and your friend is in your world to slay monsters with you.
What I want from the game is voice acting as I mentioned above, and the ability to tilt the camera up and down as it sometimes feel weird not being able to do so. Another thing that's more to spice and mix things up a bit, is having a different character other than the main one, or at least having the opposite gender, not that important but would definitely add more value to its variety and somewhat to its overall enjoyment factor.
I was reluctant of trying this game out, but after my friend pushed me to give it a go, I was extremely surprised of how good it is and how it's adding features to its gameplay that no other in its genre is doing, and those features are blowing my satisfaction of the game and its genre sky high, more so than the top dog which at the moment which is Diablo 3. Definitely give this game a look as it deserves your attention, as it did mine.

My Thoughts On: Olympia Rising

Olympia Rising, another great 2D indie pixel adventure game, that's a Kickstarter success, where you play as Iola, a charming character going through many regions of the undead world, battling many creatures of various sizes, looks, and origins. You have a reason for waking up and going through this hell-hole, I didn't know what it was, but I feel strong tied to that reason, so that awesome.
The game's pixelated art style is just beautiful, with awesome character designs, and cool looking levels as well as the enemies which look bad ass. The animations is one big part of how awesome the game looks, it's smooth and damn right awesome looking, which certainly helps with how the game plays. Along with those nice animated productions comes a really nice soundtrack that uniquely colors the game with its own identity, it is worth a listen at the very least.
Going to gameplay, it's awesome how fast and slick it plays out, with trying to do combos to keep your momentum and ascension going for as long and as fast as possible, getting a feel for the environment / level you're in, looking for the fastest route while also trying to collect much needed coins, and studying your enemies to know which is a good hit or which is a skip.
Also, the boss fights are varied, unique and fun, but don't know how many there is or how long the game is, as I played a few hours up to a little bit after the second boss, but seeing of how charming the game is, filled with what seems to be a lot of content and obviously a big percent of replayability, and just how fun it is, for how low the price of the game actually is, it's well damn worth it, aside from minor (can be big) issues where I couldn't find a full-screen button, and not having the ability to change key bindings.

My Thoughts On: Finding Teddy 2

Finding Teddy 2, a beautiful looking 2D pixelated retro styled game, that's in the same group as a metroidvania style of games, where you play as Tarrant, a charming child with a shield and a dagger, also a flying magical teddy bear, and you go on an adventure for a reason, and I don't know what that reason is actually.
The look of the game is just a pixel beauty of an art piece, with the low warm colors, fluid and satisfying animations that I cant stop admiring, its lovely simple graphical effects, and most of their models are a nice tasty cake that looks really great, but does it taste as good?
Well, the gameplay, the movement and combat, somewhat resembles, or at least reminded me of how Duck Tales: Remastered does it, a little bit more though, but not as accurate in terms of the actual controls. The combat itself is decent with some nice little collisions happening with some enemies when timed nicely, and just generally jumping over enemies to do damage and other objects is fun.
The platforming is decent, not great, but it does the job, and it seems better because of the nice looks the game provide, which definitely helps. Also, if you're into puzzles, the game has a nice way of doing it, where you have to collect certain stones with a foreign looking letter, that you will use to say certain words to make something happen, and to know a word you would have to talk with the natives of this fantasy land and learn some words from each creature, that's not hostile of course. So the puzzles are definitely somewhat unique and enjoyable to do.
I haven't played much of the game, a couple of hours only, because of a few reasons, one of which is the claim that the game has "over 20 hours for the main quest" only, which is good if true, I'd be long gone before checking if it's actually that long. Another reasons is, as mentioned above, there is nothing that kept me interested in the game for long periods of time between points of interests other than its aesthetics.
Overall the game is a good action platforming, with awesome charming visuals and animations, and a neat soundtrack, in a world you have to know its routes as you explore and not get lost in it, simple but complex puzzle solving that's rewarding, and lovable characters, which what lured me to play the game, of how charming its characters and world looked.

My Thoughts On: Bloodborne REVIEW

Bloodborne, a survival horror action adventure PS4 exclusive RPG game, that is developed by the creators of Demon Souls and Dark Souls, From Software, is arguably their best entry so far. It's a shame that it is an exclusive, but another reason to get a the system that it is on.
The graphics, the look of the game, it is awesome, a lot better than the developer's last two games, with how the game's world feel alive and atmospheric, and I'm not sure if it's open world, but it sure does feel like it, because of the amazing work on how it looks and especially the level design, fantastic and complex work went into designing its world.
The sound effects, the ambiance is another big factor that plays a big role in adding to the immersion of the game. The slashes or slams you do to an enemy, or done to you, or when you hit an object, all of those effects are satisfying. The screams, the wind sounds, a door creaking, a bell ringing, and a lot more little effects adding to its creepy and scare factor, making every move, every look, every second of time passing is interesting and somewhat chilling.
The gameplay is another awesome part of the game, with the controls being responsive, and the combat being, how many people would say it, extremely and deliciously 'meaty', feeling the slashes with the thrusts and the smashes, especially the shoving, which I'd go as far as saying it's an art. I also love how most if not all weapons transform in some way to be used in different scenarios or for different creatures. Other minor nice things you can do like adding a special item to your weapon like fire or electricity, making it more powerful and epic looking.
Going to the most interesting point to what people want to hear, the difficulty of the game. It is challenging, but not having played much of the other/older souls games, I can't compare it to this game, but I managed to finish the game, with only one time getting stuck, at the boss before the ending (before the ending ending), the humongous ugly one. But the whole game in general is hard, if you're going in not thinking of what weapon to use, what enemy you're going up against, studying its moves, and having patience, where if you can't do them, then you'll probably have a difficult time playing the game, but even with those in mind, it is pretty damn difficult.
The story is as vague as Dark Souls from what I've played and heard of it, heck it might be more vague, but I actually don't mind it, it's mysterious nature where everybody knows what's happening but you as the player, and the game not hand feeding you the story, and you have to look for it and think and notice little and sudden things to get an idea of what the story is and trying to figure it out. It was a nice new experience not many games do well.
The online part of the game, the coop and PVP is awesome and somewhat unexpected in a game like this, having to play the game with friends on randoms in a coop nature, that can be played from beginning to end, or at certain parts in the game where you're stuck, it's neat and fun. Plus the PVP part didn't interest me much, but it is appealing from time to time, what's bad about it though, is that once someone connect to you and fights you, you would have to deal with that player and other enemies in the area, that don't attack the attacking player, which kind of sucks really, but other than that, those two online game modes, and the way that you connect with other players, is somewhat unique, great, smooth and fun.
I never really liked Dark Souls too much, it look generic to hold my interest, and although I did like Demon Souls more with how it looked and played, it was on a hand held system that a game of that nature didn't seem to fit well with it, so I just gave up on it. Bloodborne comes along and it brought all the good parts from both of those games, making it the best survival horror action adventure RPG of this generation, so far. With the amazing looks, gameplay, immersion, loads of content, great online with unique mechanics/process, extremely challenging, and overall a fantastic production. It's going to be hard for a game to top it.

My Thoughts On: Spirits Of Xanadu REVIEW

Spirits of Xanadu is one horror game, out of few, that I like and enjoy playing, because it focuses on atmosphere, music, story, and narration with nice voice acting, but aside from all that, it's good horror game in my eyes because it uses the atmosphere and its environment to inject fear in you.
How this game does it's thrills is, again, it's great atmosphere, and how the enemies that want to kill you are all in their place, doing their own thing, and will attack you because they saw you, not because they know exactly where you are, and they won't magically appear in front or behind you to cheaply scare and kill you, like most other horror games do.
Another great thrilling aspect about the game that makes me fearful of it, is how they do illusions by letting you see these space ghosts from time to time while exploring the ship. They magically appear and disappear, but in a slow seamless way, and these ghosts are not trying to scare you in the since of a quick spook, but more in the way that they're watching you, and you see them doing they're own thing rather than to stupidly scare you, it's what I'd like to call a cool scare.
The game looks great by the way, yea it's just simple plain colors with simple structures from the looks of it, but with nice lighting, great affects, and 'not' crappy models with a great amount of them, it all combines together to make great scenes to look at. I also want to give extra credit to the team for making small quality details like books with readable titles and good quality pictures on them, and having me think that the environment I was in feel like it was lived in before, just from look at rooms and finding nice notes.
Speaking of notes, the game is filled with just enough story content like notes and voice recorders, that it kept me interested in that story throughout my duration of playing the game. Some these notes were mostly interesting to read, but some are part of, what I feel, the environment as a means of making the world/ship believable, which was kind of cool. The voice recorders are awesome, with great voice acting, and ones that are unique with how everyone has their own thoughts and personalities, but they all share the same despair and downfall. So the story, in all angles, is great.
Going to gameplay, you start off with a laser gun with unlimited ammo, so scavenging for resources of any kind is not necessity, which I'm kind of happy about, but I'm not against having them if done correctly in a game like amnesia. The gun play in the game is decent but a bit jittery when zooming, although I haven't found myself zooming much, firing from the hip was more optimal. You have to look for items to collect, and usually place them in other areas or machines, fix broken machinery, and maybe find some clues to open locked optional doors for added content like a different gun.
What I like about the whole experience that the game throws you into the game with no hand holding of any kind mostly, as in no tutorials, no objective markers, nothing, you have to figure it out with the notes in the game or audio log, or just plain figuring it out. That can be viewed as a negative also, but for me It's an alright thing to put in (or not to put in) as the stuff you have to do is not insanely hard, it's manageable.
Overall I had a great experience playing Spirits Of Xanadu, I'd even compare to Alien Isolation, obviously not in graphical power, technicalities, or gameplay elements, but in story, atmosphere, and voice acting, all of them being low level nice qualities, but a worthy comparison to note. The asking price can be argued upon, as the game isn't long, but it is a great experience, for me I'd say 10$ is its sweet spot, but I'm not against the original price.

RIVE Hands-On Preview

RIVE is, after playing it a few times, a really fun and nice shooter that's really exciting and from time to time, it's exciting and awesome to play through, but to tell what the developers called it, it's a "metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter" they continue to say that it's with "old school gaming values in a decidedly new school execution" with 360 2D shooting, and I'd say that's pretty accurate.
Starting with the visuals, it looks great, with nice effects, good coloring, and smooth animations that's fun to look at. I also loved the different type and look of a level it teased right after the first level was done, shining with bright burning molten lava, rather than the first level of the greens and blues followed with darkness from a sewage-like level, keeping the game refreshing.
The gameplay is also great in RIVE, even though I was playing with a controller, I was pretty decent in platforming and shooting my enemies, and speaking of shooting enemies, there's a variety to shoot at with different types of approaches, some ranged, some up close, and others charging at you in groups non-stop, which is awesome if you predict and kill, watching them fall as if they're hitting a wall.
The game reminds me a little bit of Mega Man with how it looks, the way you shoot, and how it you progress through it, which is really nice, but what sets it apart from Mega Man games or of the like, is how quick and action packed it is, the use of some of its hacking abilities, and obviously how it has it's own lovable charm. Plus the music is up-beat and nice, in tune with how the game plays out.
RIVE is coming out sometime in 2015, with from the looks of it, a price tag of 10$! and if they add a lot more content with how fun and varied it is, heck the game would probably be a steal at that point, but we'll see how it goes when it's launched.

UBERMOSH Alpha Preview

Teaser Paragraph:
Article Image Link: http://k.ksalue.com/forums/uploads/imgs/pre_1426700698__uzfajog.png

UBERMOSH, a simple fast paced arcade sword slashing shooter, that's filled with scary but somehow charming cyberpunk theme.

Got to play around with it a bit, and aside from what looks like low quality graphics, but somehow a little bit detailed, it's actually kind of fun to play. It's fast paced, really fast, with kicking soundtrack, I hope there's more than one though, and the sound quality is low and simple but somehow appealing, I'd actually like it to stay in its current state.

The gameplay is nice and satisfying, with how you can pick up the different guns to shoot monsters with, the sound of those shots are just really awesome, and the ability to split bullets in half and reflecting them to where they were shot from and kill the one who triggered them is really fun.

Overall playing that early alpha version was fun, it definitely needs work, but so far so good, but I can't see this game, if it were to be sold, to be more than five bucks. More awesome kick beat soundtracks, more weapons and ridiculous sounds, higher quality artwork/graphics in the actual game, more creepy but charming style, and just overall upping the quality and this out be an awesome game to experience and play through.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Won't Be Locked At 30 FPS On PC

There was an interview with CD Projekt RED Managing Director Adam Badowski, the interview was in Polish, and a fan translation was presented. The main piece of info that everybody was looking at, is that the recommended specs will allow you to play The Witcher 3 at 30 FPS.
The hot question and answer:
The Translation:
Many got the point that the recommended specs will give you 30 FPS, with higher specs meaning higher FPS, but a lot of people got the message that the game will run at 30 frames per second, locked.
With questions flying in the air about this, I emailed CDPR asking for a clearer answer for the question asked in that interview, and the reply was:
"The answer meant that the recommended specs will give you a stable 30 FPS or more."
And so now we can safely expect the game not to be locked at 30 frames per second on PC. Hope this cleared some of the confusion.

Let's Talk About How There's No Games On PS4

Teaser Paragraph:

There's this saying going around for a while, and still going now, that there isn't much games to play on the PS4 or XB1. Since I don't have an XB1, I'm going to talk about the PS4 for now. So, is there no games on the PS4? There's enough if you're a PC gamer with a PS4, and there's a lot if you're a console gamer with only a PS4.

So I'm manly a PC gamer, but I do love my PS4, and I primarily get the exclusives only, and the other multi-platform games on PC. Here's my current games that I own and play on PS4 as a PC gamer:

DRIVECLUB, one of the best racers of this generations. I love this racing game as it's one of the most beautiful ones out there of this generations, handles greatly with a lot of different cars, and has a lot of content for me to play through for sometime, a lot longer if you have the season pass, with nice online play.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, a great fighting game that I think is my favorite yet. I'm not a hardcore fan of fighting games, but I do love to play them, and this one is one best in my opinion with amazing visuals, great gameplay, a lot of characters and levels, a decent story, and has a lot of charm to its world and characters.

Killzone: Shadow Fall, and that one is a great first person shooter. It's a Killzone that, if you're a fan, has always had amazing fun play and an interesting world with great characters, but this time around it's prettier, a lot pretties. The multiplayer is great, with offline pvp againts bots if you're sick of playing with people or if the online is dead. You also get the coop mode with more maps and whatnot if you get the season pass.

The Last Of Us: Remastered, sure it's a remake from the PS3 to PS4, but one can argue it was meant to be on the PS4 because of how much better it plays on there, and a lot more prettier too. It has an amazing story with amazing visuals, followed with amazing gameplay. There's also a multiplayer mode that's more slow and tactical that your usual shooters these days, which is fun.

HELLDIVERS, a great cheap game that has a great sense of humor and a great sense of immersion, and a great sense of community cooperation to achieve a greater goal. There's a ton of missions and objects to do, with a handful of enemies to fight against, and a lot of toys to play around with, all in local or online coop.

Destiny, I haven't played this one, only the beta, but from what I've played, the gameplay is great, with the online bits and a MMORPG feeling to it (it's not an MMORPG), with the PVE and PVP content that it has, it's a great game. From what I've heard the story sucks, but other that that, people seem to love the gameplay and play with others in it.

And a few more little indie games on the digital store front like Resogun. You might probably notice that most of the games that I own that I've talk about it have high replay value, because I do keep the game that has those replay values, with the rest of the others games I sell. For those games that I bought and enjoyed, the good ones are KACK, Infamous: Second Son, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, with other upcoming games like Bloodborne, Destiny, Metal Gear Solid V, Persona 5, Kingdom Hearts 3, Until Dawn, and so on.

Now if you're a console PS4 player only, you basically have the games that I mentioned above, and a whole list of other games like GTA V, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, Never Alone, Dark Souls II, and a many, many more. Don't forget all the upcoming games like Shovel Knight, Mighty No.9, The Witness, Battlefield Hardline, Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat X.. etc.

So at the end of the day, YES! There's a lot of PS4 games to play if you're a PC gamer, and a heck of a lot more of your just a PS4 console gamer, with loads to come down the line. Is it worth it to get a PS4 now, as a PC gamer? If you got some spare money, sure go ahead. Is it worth it to get a PS4 now as a old generation console player? Yea, there's a lot of games to play and finish if you're done with your old console. Is there enough games to play on current gen consoles (on PS4)? Yes.

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