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New Budget Gaming PC Upgrades !

Teaser Paragraph:

Today i just Received my Final Peace The Ram's, i used Aramex to ship it to Kuwait 5day's of waiting and it was at my door step ! the ram's looked amazing i orderd a Kingston HyperX 8GB 1333Mhz Ram's along with my new GPU XFX 6870 1GB.

I Bought Used Parts the i5 2500 CPU+Intel Motherboard+4GB DDR3 " Which i will be selling "  i already had a mid tower case Thermaltake A90 from Area 51 and Thermaltake 600w PSU , and i already have a Thermaltake Jing if i needed CPU cooling.
I Know the Wiring Kinda Suck's But i did my best !Here are my Computer Spec's :

Motherboard : Intel DH16BE
CPU : Intel i5 2500 @ 3.3Ghz
Ram : Kingston HyperX 8GB 1333Mhz
GPU : XFX 6870 1GB
HDD : 1TB WD Green + 320GB WD Blue
PSU : Thermaltake 600w Lite Power
Case : Thermaltake A90
Screen : LG 24inch

The Ram Upgrade boosted my FPS in BF3 " Battle field 3 " i no longer get below 30fps i no longer get a fps shut down , As in like it just drops randomly to 5FPS because the 4GB of ram was not enough, so if your looking to build a Gaming PC get 8GB Ram's.

I Spent 130KD on These Upgrades, but let's say i didn't buy them used nor did i have anything else a fresh build, how much would all this cost ? so i know some of there original price's

i5 2500 = 50-60KD
Intel Motherboard = 15-30KD
8GB Ram = 12-20KD
6870 GPU = 60-70KD
PSU 600w = 15-30KD
Thermaltake A90 = 30-35KD
DVD Drive  = 10KD
HDD 1TB Green = 20-25KD

So it Sums up to 220-260KD  who know's u might be ablle to talk with the sale's man to get the stuff Cheaper, of course you might get your GPU + Ram's off the internet for a Cheaper price, but over all you don't need to spend 300+ KD to get a Good Gaming PC.

Forgot to Say the GPU XFX 6870 is Loud it's the Loudest thing in my PC.

As for Mouse and Keyboard, I Have a Razer Deathadder Mouse and some wireless Logitech Keyboard thinking of getting Thermaltake Challenger Ultimate Keyboard .

Consideration For New Rule's For Passing a Red Light and more

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Consideration for New Rule's For Passing a Red Light And Speeding will get a fine of 500KD and 90 Days in Prison, 500KD = 1800Dollar's 

Some of the  New Rule's

 A Fine of 300KD That's like 1000 Dollars : For Driving in the Emergency Lane " if it's not really an emergency ? " , Parking in Handicaps Parking spots, and not letting a police vehicles pass.
A Fine of a 100KD That's like 360 Dollar : For Driving a Car With no Brakes on it
People who were born in Kuwait can get a driving license's  with out needing a College-University Degree  
Hell i don't even have a driving licenses and am scared of getting one 
Read More on   : Alanba it's in Arabic so if you can't read Arabic use Google Translator.

Pre-Order The PS Vita At Electrozan

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Today i went to Electrozan via Sony  Representative at Infoconnect They offered  Pre-orders for PS Vita , They Also had The PS Vita out so we can try it and with out anything attached to it like a security wiring.
Tried Many Game's Such as " Uncharted-Reality Fighters-Little Deviants-Gravity Rush" i Also put the PS Vita in my pocket it fit's it's not to big for my pocket !

Here are there Offer's :

PS Vita Wifi Version + 16GB + Little Deviants or Reality Fighter's = 110KD
PS Vita 3G/Wifi Version + 16GB + Little Deviants or Reality Fighter's = 136KD

PS Vita Wifi Version + 16GB + Uncharted + Wipeout 2048  + Travel Pack + AC Adaptor = 137KD
PS Vita 3G/Wifi Version + 16GB + Uncharted + Wipeout 2048  + Travel Pack + AC Adaptor = 160KD

They Had an offer for PS Vita + 8GB But i forgot the Pricing but i think it was 99KD, i think with the pre-order u save from 6-15KD

Also the Offer Work's like This you Pay 20% Now and on 22nd of Feb 2012 you pay the Rest.

They Also Had Accessories And Game Price's But Sadly i Forgot them but i remembered 3 things:

Start Pack = 7 or 8KD
USB = 3.5KD
Traveler Pack = ??
Reality Fighter's = 9 or 10KD

I Asked them if i can Pre-order at Electrozan Al-Rai or Salmyia they told they dont know the offer is at infoconnect till now and today is the Last Day !

And Sony Representative was There From : Supplying Store CO. W.L.L. (شركة مخزن التجهيزات ذ.م.م.) That was Making the Pre-order's for us who was very good at showing the PS Vita and it's Capabilities .

Overall Great Offer's Atleast we are not forced on a game but we go to choose one game out of two. 

Hand's on PS Vita At X-Cite

Teaser Paragraph:

Love the Stand 
Went to X-Cite today to see the PS Vita and to Try it ! I have to say this device is Amazing, am Pre-ordering tomorrow.
Here are Some pic's of it 

The Game's i Tried were Reality Fighters-Uncharted-Little Deviants-Gravity Rush " Sadly it was not working for some reason "  the game's were extremely fun
The Analog Sticks are small got scared that i might brake them while gaming, everything else was nice about it except that black thing they put on the back of the PS Vita which kinda blocked the experience of the back touch pad

Now Back to The important part which i just knew about when you Pre-order your device at X-Cite " not online " u get specail pre-order gifts like * PS Vita 3G/Wifi Get's the Wallet Gift*.

The PS Vita Wifi Model Get's The Head Set Gift  Which i kinda think it's unfair i really want that wallet 

Hope They would sell the Wallet alone..
I Asked About the Pre-order price, I was surprised when they told me it's 125KD for the Wifi not 120KD  Seem's Like there is no 5KD Discount going ? or is it maybe for the online Pre-order's ? 
I Also Asked about the wallet or the headset if we Pre-orderd our PS Vita online would i still get one of these. The answer was no 

Red Bull Car Park Drift 2012

Teaser Paragraph:

Love Seeing Drifting Cars  ? Wanna See Some Awesome Skills. Then you to Check out this event that's gonna be on the 10th of Feb 2012 at Mishref Fair Grounds.
Also Check out This Video about the Event
Date-Time : 
Date : February 10th " 10/2/2012 "  Location : International Fairs Ground ( ارض المعارض-Ard 2el Ma3ared )  Time : 6PM Contact : 6640-6020
Source : GrapevineKuwait

WIMD Internet Service in Kuwait

Teaser Paragraph:

WIMD is a Wireless internet Service which just Recently Launched to the Public, Knowing That i had to know what they are what speed do they offer, So i went to InfoConnect and got my answer's.
WIMD Will Put Something Like a Satellite Dish That will Receive the internet from there tower's on your Roof then they will Wire it your Router Thus u get your wireless internet, Then i asked about the Speed's are they Stable and They answered with a yes, Unless something happens like a hit from a strong wind or heavy raining that will interrupt the signal, they also stated that the internet is fast and stable and let's say your downloading something like a torrent and your experiencing slow speed's it might be that the torrent is just bad. There Stall Looked Really Nice 
I also Asked about the Download Speed and the Upload Speed and if it's unlimited, As For The Download And Upload Both are the Same if u got a internet at the Speed of  6MB u will get the upload speed at 6MB Also, And They Also Stated The Internet is Unlimited Download all you Want. Click on the Photo To Get The Full Sized Image To See the Speed Test 
Important Question that i didn't ask, The Question was is it good for Gaming ?  i didnt ask that because when i saw the Ping-MS and the Upload Speed on The Test on www.speedtest.net i was happy , i got a downlod speed of 20MB  a 16MB of Upload Speed and 8ms it wouldn't go over 10ms, Which i need to ask next time i see the Manager who was very nice and answered and explained everything in detail's. 

 Now To The Most Important Part What about There Price's, First u can't get it by the Month Only by the Year.

 Update For Speed Price's Below 6MB :
   1MB = 130KD                   3MB = 225KD   1.5MB = 150KD                   4MB = 270KD             Thanks to Bader Alsayegh's Comment    2MB = 180KD                   5MB = 320KD The Price's are For The Unlimited Internet Service " No Cap on Download "  :

6MB = 325KD                9MB = 473             12MB = 660               15MB = 870        18MB = 1080
7MB = 355KD              10MB = 523             13MB = 730               16MB = 940        19MB = 1150
8MB = 390KD              11MB = 590             14MB = 800               17MB = 1010      20MB = 1220

I Know Scary Price's Rite ? But u Pay For Results, So i Went and Compared There Price's With Qualitynet That Offer's 6MB Price which Costs  275KD, Comparing that to WIMD  That's About 50KD  Difference.
Here Are Some Pic's of The Flyer :
The Quality is Bad, But u can Read it ! 
As for Coverage of Area's in Kuwait it Cover's all Area's Kuwait.
Update: A Comment from a reader on 248am.com Blog on his post :
" Tested their system at the exhibition today. I found it very weird that downloading from different server locations gave you different speeds. The connection speed test was about 5Mbps when testing on Paris, France, about 6 Mbps when testing on New York, USA and 23Mbps locally. Second of all, while the ping is lower than the one you get with Mada (Mada gives 180-220 on European servers while WiMD gives about 140), it is much more expensive considering the bandwidth. Gamers, stick to your DSL. Nothing’s beating KEMS/QualityNet/FastTelco’s 110-130 ping on European servers. Not just yet. "

Check out There Website : http://wimd.net.kw/

Try The PS Vita And it's Games at X-Cite -= Updated =-

Teaser Paragraph:

This Post is an Update for my Previous Post i just got new info on PS Vita Preview from X-Cite Where you can try it out, i'll be posting below the place and date's

Show Rooms-Date's For PS Vita Try Out's :

InfoConnect : 1/31/2012-2/4/2012 From Tuesday till Saturday. Only 1 Unit

X-Cite Show Room At TheAvenues : 2/2/2012 From Thursday on February .

X-Cite Al-Rai Branch : 2/6/2012 From Monday on February.

As For Game's :
The one At Infoconnect will have no Game's-Demo's to Try

The one At Avenues Mall will Feature all Game Demo's

Confirmed Via Facebook :

They Changed The Original Date's, But it's only a few Day's so who cares.

I cant wait to try this out tomorrow and the games on Thursday !  

PS Vita at InfoConnect..At X-Cite Stall

Teaser Paragraph:

X-Cite is at Again they put the PS Vita in InfoConnect  "  Vita has now been displayed in Infoconnect X-cite stall " lucky me to get this peace of info fast ! thank you x-cite !

So Guy's if you don't feel like waiting till tomorrow u can go to InfoConnect now and check it out !

Here's a Pic of the Confirmation

 So it's at InfoConnect, So the Avenues and Al-Rai Branches on Thursday ? still not bad at least x-cite is doing something then no retail done before ! way to go x-cite for the Gaming Section !

And just to let you Guy's know again you can pre-order the PS Vita at x-cite
From  : Pre-Order

Mada Internet Offer..At InfoConnect

Teaser Paragraph:

Mada is at it yet again, Check out this offer it's really Temping! What you get from Xenon is 4 month + Free Device for 30KD  previous offer was 30KD for 3 month + Free Device " The One i Got ".

You Can tell by just Seeing the Picture Above i know it's a small post but it's a good one, so if your planning on getting be sure to at InfoConnect  at " International Fairs Ground ( ارض المعارض-Ard 2el Ma3ared )  in Mishref "

Some of you might go like " Dammit i just got Mada a few Day's ago ", for Xenon not that important 10KD but as for other ya u save a lot of money, so if u didn't use that 5GB cancel it, you get your money back then sub again for that cheap price, am not being cheap but it's better to save money for other Things.

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