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Meningitis in Kuwait

Teaser Paragraph:

Meningitis in Kuwait, i'v been getting a lot of warning and report's saying that Meningitis is spreading in Kuwait
First i was told that it started in Al-Ray Area at Lulu Hypermarket then it start spreading and some people died  because of that, i also recently  just joined the app " Whats app " and i got spammed not to visit certain Area's such as, Lulu Hypermarket in Shuwakhi area, and Farwanyia's Hospital, and Al-Mohlab Complex in Hawalli 
it also stated in the message that there is 580 victims due to Meningitis they also stated that this is no lie.

I Read on q8nri.com, That there is no Spread Meningitis in Kuwait :

Undersecretary of Health Ibrahim Abdulhadi blames the concerned officials in the Public Health Department for their lackluster attitude to dealing with the recent crisis that led to the death of an Asian employee of a famous commercial complex in Al-Rai area after he had suffered meningitis infection.

Source of that : http://www.q8nri.com/home/2011/12/29/no-spread-of-meningitis-in-kuwait-says-official/

Then i went to arabtimesonline.com, wit the the tittle Minister ‘Calms’ Meningitis Fears :

he head of medical services department at the Al-Farwaniya Hospital Dr Abdullah Haidar has denied rumors which suggested the hospital was closed following an alleged outbreak of meningitis infections in the hospital.
He added 10,000 people including staff members have been vaccinated against the disease. So far, three suspicious cases were admitted into local hospitals and are awaiting test result

Source: http://www.arabtimesonline.com/NewsDetails/tabid/96/smid/414/ArticleID/178088/reftab/36/Default.aspx

Now for the MOST important PART, if you dont know what the F is a Meningitis head on to : http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/9276.php

for more info, all i care about and know about that it is bad that it hurts you and kills you ? and that it spreads by air ?  i will the read the  link  that i posted later on but it got the info of what u need to know! " i hope so ? "

Gift Card ? iTunes Gift Card

Teaser Paragraph:

We all know about Gift Cards, on how you buy them for the same amount to gift it to someone, instead of giving them money-cash, Well i was looking at Blink website today there i found there  Crazy Deal of the Week. i'll  tell you this, it will make you want to buy it because it's so crazy

This is so Crazy it comes once a year ? so if there was no deal, they are making you pay 17.750KD, That's about 64  U.S Dollars, and the deal is u buy it for 14.9KD  That's about 54 U.S Dollars, it's so crazy rite ?

 i said to myself MAYBE this thing just cost more because it's apple's product i went to there website, and saw the iTunes gift card

Look at that 50 Bucks only! you can also Personalize it!! My advice just give them the money ! maybe they don't want that gift card, maybe they want the money, but overall that Crazy Deal is giving urges to buy 100's of them so i can re-sell them for a 100KD Site : http://www.blink.com.kw/Default.aspx

Steam Sale... 2 Days Left

Teaser Paragraph:

For the past week, Steam Has been doing a sale like every year, this sale will make you not want to download a cracked version of  a game, because when they go on sale they go crazy with there price's.

i'v purchased  so many  games like :
Serious Sam 3 BFE
Assassin's Creed
Magicka " With all Dlcs"
Call of Duty Modern Ware fare
Left for Dead 2
Battle field Bad Company 2
Orc Must Die  " Was Gifted "
PAM " Post Apocalyptic Mayhem "
Counter Strike Source

And much more games, So if your a PC gamer and not  a steam user, you should pass by before the Sale End.

So Many Games under 10 and 5 Dollars, and up to 90% discount u can find games going for 1 Dollars or 2.

Site : http://store.steampowered.com/

3 Packages This Time..From Aramex

Teaser Paragraph:

Yet Another Aramex Post, if u look at the charts above, you can see These are the package that took there time to come to Kuwait, the last chart " last package " took 10 Days to come, but the First 2 Packages got Shipped together, so the shipping fee's were 1.500KD each except the last package . Lucky Me!!

As i Noticed my Last Package took along time to come to Kuwait,  seeing that it went to Dubai then to Kuwait

in the end they all Reached my house same shipping, but i paid 2KD  for each package because of the customs, So the Total was 13.500KD Shipping

What i got is a Portable Battery,Vampire Fangs for my Friend, 3 T-shirts From my Favorite brand TM " Tri-Mountain "

Portable Battery = Anker Walkpower 2600mAh External Battery
TM T-Shirt = Tri-Mountain
Scare Crow = Fake Fangs

Over all, Aramex "SNS"  is still good and pleasing !

i'll post a review of the External Battery in a few days

Area's 51 Offer, Promo

Teaser Paragraph:

I Recently Received  a Text from Area 51 via SMS, about there latest offer.
Area 51 is Currently doing a Offer-Promo which is good. if your building a PC here in Kuwait and buying part's from Kuwait then head to area 51 to see there offer

the offer is when u purchase any computer worth 399KD, you will get a free 7" inch Android Tablet Device
not a bad offer seeing that importing stuff these day kinda getting expansive + the waiting period is longer.

So if your gonna spend your money here in Kuwait why don't u stop by there shop.

the offer will not expire - end. as i'v asked on there Facebook page

so there you have it if your interested or got question, simply click on the link below for there FB page

Area's 51 FB: http://www.facebook.com/Area51store.kw

PS-Vita is in Kuwait!

Teaser Paragraph:

* i do not own this * Read This on my Friends Blog Today, and was surprised of course with his kind permission, to post this.

I'll Cut Down to The Detail's, the PSVITA + 2 Games (  Uncharted: Golden Abyss,a and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ) for " 230KD ", The Handled itself is 180KD, kinda expansive, For Detail's follow the link below.

it was bought at Rehab Complex " Markaz el Kuwaiti "

Also The PS Vita is 3G+Wifi

I'll Wait the Official Release for ME " Middle East " for 75KD, on 22 Feb 2012
Main Source : http://kuwaitblogs.tomotiki.com/tag/playstation/
Main Source : http://mettool.blogspot.com/2011/12/ps-vita-in-kuwait.html

Reached 1000+ Views Thank You!

Teaser Paragraph:

As of Today at 10:30PM i reached 1000+ Views, i Thank you all for viewing and reading my blog, unless u come look at the headlines and picture's and leave lol, i know it's a small number but still my first 1000 ! hope that 1000 is happy of what am posting.

i am happy since i started this blog early, like 5-8 days ago happy that it reached this number!

i'll try to keep with wanted post's, if you have any tips to improve please do share, in the mean time please do enjoy reading my other posts  

Fairy Tail Taking a Break until January 7th

Teaser Paragraph:

The Popular Anime " Fairy Tail " is Taking a Break until 7th of January 2012, i don't know the reason's, but some people are trolling about it, saying fairy tail final episode, no more episodes.

 well it's not i guess they are taking a break for x-mas ? to rest ? there human they need some rest or they are trying to make a better story or scene's the last is Episode 111, am kinda addicted to watching it's funny

if you haven't watched Fairy Tail yet i really recommend watching it, one of my Favorite anime

Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairy_Tail
Main Source: http://countdown.mandragon.info/
Main Source: http://www.animetake.com/fairy-tail-episode-111-final/

PS Vita Accessories (Incl. release and price)

Teaser Paragraph:

PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) released high prices for it's accessories, but after some thinking and seeing the reaction of people Sony decided to reduce the the price's YAY us ?

Also the info of launch day titles " the games that will release when ps vita get released " is out also be more happy

i also think that if they went for cheaper Memory Cards  would be better, unless they make the PS3 games cheaper via download  " on PSN "

Vita Accessories (Incl. release and price) :

4 GB Memory Card- February 15 - 2012 $19.99

8 GB Memory Card- February 15 - 2012 $29.99

16 GB Memory Card- February 15 - 2012 $59.99

32 GB Memory Card- February 15 - 2012 $99.99

Starter Kit with Memory Card- February 15 - 2012 $39.99

In-Ear Headset- February 15 - 2012 $19.99

Carrying Case- February 15 - 2012 $19.99

Travel Pouch- February 15 - 2012 $19.99

Protective Film (2 pack)- February 15 - 2012 $9.99

Card Case- February 15 - 2012 $5.99

Cradle- February 15 - 2012 $19.99

Portable Charger- Spring 2012 - $49.99

AC Adaptor- February 15 - 2012 $14.99

Car Adaptor- Spring 2012- $14.99

USB Cable- February 15 - 2012 $14.99

Alot of games will be released which is a smart move by Sony which will own in it's department of gaming  !

Main Source : http://www.computerandvideogames.com/330797/us-vita-launch-lineup-confirmed-cheaper-memory-cards/

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