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Xenon Mada.. in Kuwait Review

Teaser Paragraph:

This is a Review of the new Xenon Mada in Kuwait, as you can see in the picture's above i'v tested it on Several Server's, The Result are not bad i paid for up to 2MB internet and am happy with the Result's.

I mainly got it for Downloading, tried it on direct download " Megaupload " i downloaded a 100MB in 5mins, as for Torrents by using " utorrent " software, the download speed went up to 230KBs+, am happy with these result. am paying 10KD with no limit on downloading, "no cap"

As for Gaming, i'v tried this on BF3 " Battle Field 3 " on a Saudi Server's i got around 250 Ping which was the same as other euro servers, i can kill people but i didn't get much delay, but it's still not good for gaming, i tried it on LoL " League of Legends " ping-ms-latency was around 190-300+ not bad, but not good for gaming also, on my Qualitynet internet my ping in BF3 is 50-90, in LoL 120+

Some Picture's of What i got + Xenon Connected to my Laptop :

Over all Am Happy With the Xenon Mada, got it for downloading and i couldn't be happier Considering it's cheap for a portable internet device, with no download limit.

What Came in the Box : USB Xenon , USB extender , Xenon Dock Station " To Get a Better Signal "

The Offer is : Pay 10KD for a month + 10KD for the USB device "Xenon" / 30KD for 3month + Free USB device "Xenon"

Picture of The Add : http://yabila.com/ajax_image.php?id=8104

i'll update in the future if it will get better or worse

Update :

Forgot to Say this thing " Xenon " Heats up!

Choosing your Internet Provider

Teaser Paragraph:

I'm sure all of you are picky about Choosing, you got to choose either  using your land-line or a Portable internet Device's, or using a telecom company's such as " Viva, Zain, Watanyia" we have:
Fasttelco Qualitynet KEMS Gulfnet Mada
Qualitynet  2MB internet speed + Fiber optic thats the internet am currently on, so far so good download is good, my ping in my online games are okay, it can be better if i got more MB's, but whats o amazing about Qualitynet that they offer i think what the call is " Nitro Speed " which i presume goes up to 52MB's, now that's something you want
Fastelco used it once and never used it again, not much of a fan but lately i'v been seeing there Advertisements on getting internet for your gaming needs, i'v head good and bad, but am seeing more bad results these days 
KEMS never tried but my friend has it back in the day KEMS  owned internet, in gaming, download, what u wanted for internet was kems but lately it has been the other way around, kems was blocking torrents alot of bad ping, latency problems 
Gulfnet i haven't tried it but people say it's good  
Mada's internet the best net internet service in Kuwait, if your a downloader, but not that good for gaming. several reports came in that if your a download addict then Mada is the first you should consider. it's fast i'v used it i like it but it got some small problems, one of them is the signal on the router if u put near a window or even outside u get better results and faster internet which is kinda funny, After Seeing Mada New internet Mada Xenon am guessing other company's will face some problem considering Mada has no cap on downloads
Zain's internet in my opinion is great for Gaming back in the day i'v used Zain for playing world of warcraft  it was great and fun, even download was good 
Watanyia never went for it's internet of how many bad reviews people keep writing 
Viva's internet was the best internet i have EVER used, i'v used to for non stop downloading, Gaming, i'v even used it for downloading and gaming at the same time and it was amazing. not until the whole internet limit came and destroyed it, i'v stopped using it for now, but still even now vivia's internet is a good choice
Internet Service Providers website:
Gulfnet: http://gulfnet.com.kw/ Qualitynet: http://www.qualitynet.net/ Kems: http://www.kems.net/ Fastelco: http://www.fasttelco.net/AxCMSTemplates/index.htm Zain : http://www.kw.zain.com Watanyia :http://10.wataniya.com/Personal/mobilebroadband/default_en_gb.aspx Viva : http://www.viva.com.kw/personal-internet;jsessionid=4F13AC8C4B3CA2A983CACE756040C0C7 Mada : http://www.mada.com.kw/
Mada Xenon Ad : 

Another Package Received From Aramex, SNS

Teaser Paragraph:

As you can see in the Chart Above, Took 2 Days only to reach Kuwait, but this time there was no weekend for the customs so it was there for 2 Days.
in the chart above, you can see the stats was on hold when i saw that i was surprised i thought something went wrong, i contacted SNS on there live chat service  he wasn't able to help me due for him not being in Kuwait i think, but he issued an email for me for my local office here in Kuwait.
But i went and sent email myself then after awhile i got email explaining to me that my package was released and was on hold to be set on delivery, he also said that my package will arrive in 2days to my house but it came the next day!  this timeThe text came in 10mins late tho !   
The Service is still good and Pleasing. i still have 4 more packages, 1 of them  is on it's way to Dubai as it seems, the rest is coming to Kuwait, although there shipments pass by Dubai First then it will get Shipped to Kuwait 

This Time only Packed From Amazon The Customs didn't open the L33T PACK  Here's what i bought: Razer Leet Pack for my friend  32GF Mirco SD Class 10  by all means still cheaper than Kuwait! 

Buying a Sony Ericsson Mobile in Kuwait

Teaser Paragraph:

Planning on Buying a Sony Ericsson Mobile Device in Kuwait ? Then before doing so read this.
A month ago i was planning on buying SE Xperia Mini Pro, I went to X-Cite, Eureka, Munira Complex. I found the device at Munira Complex in a random shop, it was priced for a 100KD i was about to give up on searching any where else, Then  My family Mentioned to me the word " Distributor " i went to Google and Searched for Sony Ericsson Distributor in Kuwait, Then I Saw and Remembered Them ( Barrak Int'l Center Co. ) Also Known as Bicco 

The Next Day I Called, and lucky me they had an offer on the phone I wanted " Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro" , it was priced for 85KD with 2 Years Warranty, and a 8GB Class 4 Micro SD Card.
So i Went out to the shop  And Bought it, The Service Was Great, Fast, Friendly, The Layout of the store was Appealing, They had many SE Phones out of the box on a stand  to try the Device Before buying it. They Currently  Have Offers on There Mobiles Device's 

Over All Happy With My Purchase 
Bicco's Website : http://www.biccogroup.com FB Page : http://www.facebook.com/biccoclub

PS Vita Got Hacked ?

Teaser Paragraph:

well i was not that surprised, seeing this is normal these days mainly after the 3DS got hacked on day 1.
it's Basically Running Hello World,As Seen in the picture above,as I read PS vita originally have a PSP emulator  so they turned that into a hack. Am interested of how PS vita will be in the future, after knowing that Sony's Statement that we cant remove the battery, and the high prices of it's Memory's and 1 PSN account.That being said i'v took the liberty to take this off the website of where I have found out about this  ''link below''

"Technically, the idea behind the hack is simple but brilliant: the PS Vita has a PSP emulator, and we have plenty of PSP game exploits lying around… can we assume they will work on the emulator? That’s what teck4 tried, and the answer is yes, so he managed to run unsigned code on the PS Vita. "

Overall am waiting to see how Sony will reply to this!

and if they would lower the PSVITA,Games, Memory's. I would say not alot of people would care about hacking the PSVITA, and the down side of This Story, Will the new PSN get owned like how it was owned before

Source : http://wololo.net/wagic/2011/12/18/day-1-hello-world-the-ps-vita-already-hacked/

Package Received From Aramex. Customs..

Teaser Paragraph:

As you can see in the Chart Above, My Package reached Kuwait in 2 days and was held at customs for 4 days. Friday + Saturday I think that the Customs take those days off, but not bad at all I still have about 5 more packages coming. i hope the service will still be pleasing
I will keep updating if the service gets better or worse,
also I got a text from Aramex. That tells you the fees and it's destination ,That's the First time i received  such a text .
Overall I'm happy.

Packed in Aramex's package.

Packed From Amazon

Opened By Customs >.

I bought phone accessories from Amazon UK for my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro, because it got nothing here in Kuwait. I bought a phone cover, a battery and something else. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005Q9OP4W = Cover
http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003PCAQJ0 = Battery
by ordering the phone covers, the battery and that "something else" + shipping is cheaper than Kuwait
Video of the Cover For XDA Members :

Games Q8

Teaser Paragraph:

Console Gamers don't like going out to buy games? Here's the story, I was with my friends and the other day they told me about this site. I also saw its advertisements in Al-Rehab Complex and decided to check it out.PS3-XBOX360-Nintendo Wii-DS-3DS-PSP & Etc..

The website is simple easy to use, and as for the prices they are not really expensive for an online store but of course there is always a cheaper site and an expensive site

This site might have what you want, From new to used games,
they make offers.
My Friends bought from them and it was a fast and simple service. All Console games and PC games are available but I say their PC section is not for me.

I'd say the biggest con about the site that there is is no "free delivery" unless you order something for a certain amount. 1kd for for products less than 20KD like one game, if your order is 20kd or over the delivery will be free.

Website: http://www.gamesq8.com/
FB : http://www.facebook.com/gamesq8

Cosplay in Kuwait!

Teaser Paragraph:

As the tittle says it, cosplay is starting in Kuwait by a small group of guys here in Kuwait. As I've seen in the pictures of people cosplaying characters from Bleach, Naruto, Hitman Reborn and Scary movie! And so on these guys did what no one else did in Kuwait, I am gonna support them by joining their personal cosplay events, it's amazing so far they have done 2-4 events on there own..
As you can see it's not something fancy nor it is an official event sponsored by anyone. They do it on there own, started with 2 member and they are growing and it will be a hit!

Their Facebook page :http://www.facebook.com/q8cosplayers

Area51 Store For PC Gamers

Teaser Paragraph:

Area51 store here in Kuwait if you're looking to build a gaming PC, I highly suggest visiting this store in Hawalli Bin Khaldoon st , Wala's Complex.They sell what you want and what you need: Case, Full mid towers, GPU's rams, CPU Motherboards.

There shop looks amazing. I bought my Thermaltake Cases, headsets and a fan from them! Same thing for my brother and the prices are really good, also the service is nice, And a plus is that you see the owners of the shop working there, they make and are doing great computer offers and once you go inside that shop you will be like "Damn this place got the best layout in all of Hawalli"

Check out there : Website : http://www.area51store.com/ Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/Area51store.kw
They also have a wide range of computer needs such as gaming keyboards, mouse heads, mouse pads all that a Gamer needs!

Short story, this place owns! It made me happy with what I purchased. Better service than other shops I purchased from

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