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Why isn't There Middle-East Servers for Games? Now We Know The Reason


Many years passed and more online multiplayer games come out, with servers for most regions but still nothing for the Middle East region, we've wondered why and we've guessed a few but now we know exactly why thanks to Rocket League.

A lot of people were asking for Middle East servers for Rocket League as it was even popular within Arab gamers, and then the developers revealed why there can't be ME servers and settle with nearby EU servers. Countries within the ME regions are at war, and some countries just don't agree with each other to cooperate with services, and even within one country such as Dubai, half of the internet providers there don't cooperate with each other. What this all means that, if you're not in the same country, or if you're not using a specific provider, you'll get connected to another provider from another country, then come connecting back to the ME server, doubling your ping.

So it's because either:

1. There's a war going on

2. One country don't cooperate with another.

3. Internet providers don't cooperate with another which are in the same country.

4. All of the above.

This makes me sad and most likely everyone reading this, we can only just hope in the future that this stupidity doesn't continue.


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There are no wars in Saudi arabia, UAE, Qatar ..etc

so this is basically is bullshit 

But those countries are very strict on their internet access and media in general. Been there and internet is a joke.

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The reason is as simple as not seeing ME (Or maybe GCC) as worth investing in.

No war bullshit, no cooperation bullshit, no ISP cooperation bullshit.

Just mere investment decision, they don't see us worthy.

That reply in that forum is silly even if it came from the developer.

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