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Check Out Hollow Knight, It's Freaking Great!


I remember seeing this game called Hollow Knight a long time ago (1 or so year ago) and thought that it looks really neat with how it looks and how nice the character design was, and that was about it until I got notified of it a few days ago and got given access to its beta. So I tried it out and soon after I found myself finishing the whole content that was in the beta, even the secret areas! and to conclude it now instead at the end of this article because why not, Hollow Knight is an amazing game and I'd recommend getting it 100% as its now sales for the game with beta access are up on the game's website.

Now what the actual heck is the game? It's a 2D action adventure (sort of platformer) where its set in a dark world with beautiful visuals, as its hand-drawn animation delight as seen in the gameplay video above, and you play as a 'hollow knight' adventure through an underground city (you could call it a labyrinth if you want) where you'll meet some interesting characters that will tell you the world's story here and there alongside their own, and you'll also meet the creatures that would harm you so you'd kill em.

I guess people could call it a "2D Dark Souls" but the game's aesthetic is so unique and controls are simple and fast somewhat that I'd just classify this game as its own unique game separate from lookalikes. The adventure itself is lovely and the creatures you fight are always entertaining and challenging as you'd have to figure they combat style and movement optimally pass through and defeat them. More so with elite creatures and epic boss battles.

It's not out and still accepting pre-orders in which it would unlock more content for the game, so if you like what you see and what I told you then go ahead and buy/check the game out.

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