KickStarter Saturday – Dead Years

Dead Years is a beautiful open world zombie survival Role-Playing Game for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), and as usual you have to explore and scavenge to find┬ánecessary resources to survive, and you’re not alone, you have a dog as your companion that will help you fight back and survive through this outbreak. Also, the zombies can run.

As described on the KickStarter page, the game’s survival mechanics are really deep, for example you have to learn how to determine whether a plant or an animal is good to eat, and if not, how to prepare it. you also have to scavenge and craft to improve your gear, and character progression applies to the player & the dog as they level up as a team with fifteen skills to improve. The game also has an Immersive storyline with hundreds of side quests to finish. If you like what you saw, read and heard about the game and want to support it, go to their KickStarter page and give them your support.

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