Game Shock – Salt Alpha Preview

Salt is a really nice first person exploration open world game, set in a world filled with islands that’s procedurally generated, you explore in the first island it puts you in, trying to find the resources need to craft the tools and builds you need to start your adventure to other islands, like craft a boat to go to another island, a sword and armor to defend yourself, and so on. Also trying to find food to keep your from starving to death by killing pirates and looting their good, or go hunting for deers, and spiders? not sure if you can get anything edible from it. They will also be adding fishing in the next update which is really nice.

I could say that Salt is a combination of Dayz, Rust, The forest and whatnot, but I’m really getting a ‘this game has its own unique awesome thing’ kind of feeling from it, and once it get’s on Steam (if it ever will, not confirmed it got confirmed it’s coming to Steam) it will be in the top sales and blow up with popularity. It’s just one of those good games that you have to buy.

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