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ULTRAWORLD Review: An Artist’s World

uw7ULTRAWORLD is a first person exploration game where you will rest and relax, but also help a game character and it’s troubles, asking you curious questions that it cannot answer.

You will not jump, shoot, craft, survive, kill Nazis or zombies, being a marine, fetching quests, getting a high score, co-op, multiplayer, microtransactions, DLC.. you get the idea, just relax and enjoy the world of ULTRAWORLD created by James Beech

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The Good

Beautiful art style that’s full of color and amazing shadow/shading placements, combined with a great and unique soundtrack, in a world that invokes exploration. Nice little functions that you get throughout the game to play around with during and after you finish it. Decent story that’s somewhat fourth wall breaking.

The Bad

The game’s objectives and goals are barely strong enough to keep you playing the game.

The Money

Priced at 15$ on their website (and soon Steam), and if you like to walk around look at really beautiful 3D world, nice music, and a checking out the short story it has, then this is the game for you, if not then it’s not. Although i think it should be a little bit lower in price for what it is.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to see the world and the artistic vision of an artist being represented in a game with most of the game’s focus on the vision/art, but it’s a problem if you can have a strong objective, or something to push and lead you through the world while keeping you interested, and while the game does have a simple, nice story to do that, it was just not strong enough.


The Game To Remember 4/6

Top Greenlight Picks [15th September 2014]

KSalue greenlightSteam Greenlight picks! Every now and then we’ll pick some Greenlight games (or software) with short first impressions of what’s been picked to hopefully help them get the greenlight from Valve and appear on Steam. Here’s our choices for today:

Phantasmal, a first person horror game that you want to give it to your friend, because what are friends for right? Check out their Kickstarter

DESYNC, a first person fun action music shooter with creative and challenging enemies.

Abyss Cave, a third person action adventure game with puzzles and tower defense elements.

Excubitor, a good looking sci-fi top-down action tower defense game.

Kraden’s Crypt, a cartoon dungeon crawler with coop goodness.

Celestial Command, a top-down well made shinny sandbox space game.

Out of Reach, first person open world survival multiplayer goodness with massive constructions and tigers to kill.

The Ritual on Weylyn Island, a first person survival adventure horror game set in the 80’s.

FreeStyle2: Street Basketball, fun free style 3 on 3 basketball greatness.

Game Shock – Salt Alpha Preview

Salt is a really nice first person exploration open world game, set in a world filled with islands that’s procedurally generated, you explore in the first island it puts you in, trying to find the resources need to craft the tools and builds you need to start your adventure to other islands, like craft a boat to go to another island, a sword and armor to defend yourself, and so on. Also trying to find food to keep your from starving to death by killing pirates and looting their good, or go hunting for deers, and spiders? not sure if you can get anything edible from it. They will also be adding fishing in the next update which is really nice.

I could say that Salt is a combination of Dayz, Rust, The forest and whatnot, but I’m really getting a ‘this game has its own unique awesome thing’ kind of feeling from it, and once it get’s on Steam (if it ever will, not confirmed it got confirmed it’s coming to Steam) it will be in the top sales and blow up with popularity. It’s just one of those good games that you have to buy.

Top Greenlight Picks [2nd September 2014]

KSalue greenlightSteam Greenlight picks! Every now and then we’ll pick some Greenlight games (or software) with short first impressions of what’s been picked to hopefully help them get the greenlight from Valve and appear on Steam. Here’s our choices for today:

Caffeine, Gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 first person horror game.

Into Blue Valley, a first person narrative driven open world game with a nice cold atmosphere.

In The Dead Of Night, top-down combination of tower defense and RTS, looks nice with intractable useful buildings that’s not just cosmetic.

Nefarious, 2D action adventure platformer, the twist is that your the bad guy trying to conquer the world, and defeating the hero.

Drew and the Floating Labyrinth, 3D hand drawn platformer that’s honestly to charming to miss out on.

Principia, a 2D adventure game with a focus on neat advanced mechanics and electronics construction.


Pesadelo 2, a first person action horror game.

Square Heroes, a 2D arcade action shooter, go in a match with your friends and blow them up!

Radial Impact, neon-filled arcade beauty.

KickStarter Saturday – Parkitect

Parkitect is a not a theme park simulator, it’s a a business simulation game that charges you with the construction and management of theme parks, but you can call it a theme park simulator if you want. Because it looks like one, and it looks like awesome fun.

In the game you will want to build a successful theme park where you will design roller coasters, install shops, and awesome rides. You will also have to manage the workers, and the resources needed to keep everything going, keeping everyone at a happy, satisfied state. If you fail to do so then consequences is is sure to befall you like cashiers annoying guests, custodians not cleaning up after people, leaving your park a mess, and much more.

Parkitect is possibly what Roller Coaster Tycoon fans are waiting for since the original RCT. As a prototype (Super pre-alpha if you may) this looks extremely good, high quality, and so much attention to detail with a lot of small nice effects and animations that makes your experience at the best possible enjoyment possible.

If you like what you saw, read and hear about the game and want to support it, go to their KickStarter page and give them your support.