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Road Redemption Released On Steam Early Access

Road Redemption, the spiritual successor to Road Rash, and had a successful kickstarter raising $170,000 in 2013, just got released on Steam Early Access today for 20$ (with a launch discount).

We played and previewed an early build of the game game some time ago, and planing to do another one since so much has been changed and more content has been added.

Top Greenlight Picks [15th September 2014]

KSalue greenlightSteam Greenlight picks! Every now and then we’ll pick some Greenlight games (or software) with short first impressions of what’s been picked to hopefully help them get the greenlight from Valve and appear on Steam. Here’s our choices for today:

Phantasmal, a first person horror game that you want to give it to your friend, because what are friends for right? Check out their Kickstarter

DESYNC, a first person fun action music shooter with creative and challenging enemies.

Abyss Cave, a third person action adventure game with puzzles and tower defense elements.

Excubitor, a good looking sci-fi top-down action tower defense game.

Kraden’s Crypt, a cartoon dungeon crawler with coop goodness.

Celestial Command, a top-down well made shinny sandbox space game.

Out of Reach, first person open world survival multiplayer goodness with massive constructions and tigers to kill.

The Ritual on Weylyn Island, a first person survival adventure horror game set in the 80’s.

FreeStyle2: Street Basketball, fun free style 3 on 3 basketball greatness.

Game Shock – Distance Beta Preview

Distance, a survival arcade racer, it’s called a survival because you will likely get chopped into little pieces then explode after hitting a wall upside down with no gravity. Distance is being developed by the people who made the Nitronic Rush prototype, and so with exploding popularity they decided to make a new one based on it, and then they headed to Kickstarter to get funding (which they did), and now the game’s getting closer to get released as the beta just launched this month. So far with a great soundtrack, great graphics, and a nice feel for the driving (and jumping and flying) it’s looking to be an amazing game when it launches at the low cost they’re asking for.

Anime Review : Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward and Alphonse Elric are alchemist brothers who were born and raised in a village called Resembool in the country of Amestris. They lived with their parents ( Trisha Elric and Von Hohenheim) in a lovely home, until one day their father left home and disappeared for unknown reasons. Few years later, their mother died from a severe illness. Devastated by her death, Edward decided to bring her back to life by using Alchemy. Both brothers, Ed and Al, researched about human transmutation that turned out to be a forbidden technique, in which one tries to create a human being and resurrecting him\her.


Their attempt to bring their mother back failed, and it resulted with the loss of Edward’s left leg and Alphonse’s entire body. In order to save his brother, Edward sacrificed his right arm. The only thing Ed managed to do was to bind Al’s soul to a suit of armor. A few days later after the incident, an alchemist named Roy Mustang pays a visit to the Elric brothers. He offered Edward the position of being a member in the State Military of Amestris ; in return, the brothers will be provided with more research materials on how to get their bodies back. Continue reading Anime Review : Fullmetal Alchemist

Lethal League Review: No Weak Shit


Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game where you have to hit an anti-gravity ball into the face of your opponent to win, all the while jammin to a kickass soundtrack.

The ball speeds up with every strike, up to explosively extreme velocities. Play intense local matches with friends and foes, challenge yourself in the singleplayer mode or battle it out online.

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The Good

Great stylish art style. Awesome soundtrack. Amazing gameplay that’s unique, extremely challenging, and fun to play with, especially when you get to hit the ball at an extremely high speed. Really fun to play with friends locally or online, and the online matches are incredibly smooth with really little lag to be found. A handful of unique characters with different play styles and specials to play around with.

The Bad

Craving for more game modes.

The Money

Priced at 14 dollars on Steam, Lethal League is unique, creative, extremely fun, and challenging as f*ck game which proves one of their key features ‘No Weak Shit’ being true. With nothing like it at the market at the moment, and it’s high replay value, it’s defiantly worth the purchase.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been playing the prototype that they had for a while, and had a really fun time playing it, then when i got my hands on the finished version, my enjoyment level went through the roof with nice polish, variety of characters with different play styles, more environments and more awesome music to go along with it, plus the edition of the extremely smooth online battles is just great, and getting really excited when you get the ball running at extremely high speeds. But i do wish there was more game modes to play around with like lets say for example adding a basketball hoop and score and get more points, just something to spice the variety up a bit. I can also see the game being played at a competitive tournament that would be really exciting, if not the most exciting thing to watch.


The Game To have 6/6