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Top Greenlight Picks [2nd September 2014]

KSalue greenlightSteam Greenlight picks! Every now and then we’ll pick some Greenlight games (or software) with short first impressions of what’s been picked to hopefully help them get the greenlight from Valve and appear on Steam. Here’s our choices for today:

Caffeine, Gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 first person horror game.

Into Blue Valley, a first person narrative driven open world game with a nice cold atmosphere.

In The Dead Of Night, top-down combination of tower defense and RTS, looks nice with intractable useful buildings that’s not just cosmetic.

Nefarious, 2D action adventure platformer, the twist is that your the bad guy trying to conquer the world, and defeating the hero.

Drew and the Floating Labyrinth, 3D hand drawn platformer that’s honestly to charming to miss out on.

Principia, a 2D adventure game with a focus on neat advanced mechanics and electronics construction.


Pesadelo 2, a first person action horror game.

Square Heroes, a 2D arcade action shooter, go in a match with your friends and blow them up!

Radial Impact, neon-filled arcade beauty.

Banished Released Date Revealed!

And Banished will be released on…

February 18, 2014!

That’s right, and we all know that we can’t wait to play with me, i was hoping it was going to be released on January but still it’s releasing next month!

“I know I can be quoted as saying that I wanted the game released in January, but over the holidays I ended up taking some time off from development, and apparently writing full in-game help takes far longer than you might expect.”

And now we play the waiting game, this is one game that will (hopefully) make alot of unsatisfied players from another game (you know what game i am talking about) be alot happier and less disappointed.

Link to the article.

Other Link to Steam store page for Banished.