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  1. Forum Giveaway

    @KSalue its quite a time.... where are the giveaways bro??
  2. 2016 /1/1 N.Y

    HAHAHA!! Yes... And A happy new year to you as well...
  3. Forum Giveaway

    The X-Mas Giveaway??? How come I don't know about it??
  4. Forum Giveaway

    Won't you be giving away any christmas presents, @KSalue??
  5. Can you guide me to those guides please??
  6. Hello again guys.... This is to all Counter-Strike : Global Offensive players out there.... I just wanted tips on how to play multiplayer "effectively"... Any help would be helpful...
  7. Comedy / Funny / Awesome Posts

    Haha!! Real terrifying :P
  8. Comedy / Funny / Awesome Posts

    Haha!! REal funny :D
  9. Help pc rig (PLZ READ)

    Haha!! Just trying to get rich...
  10. Help pc rig (PLZ READ)

    Haha!! 20 INR :P That's what I have left in steam acc :D
  11. Comedy / Funny / Awesome Posts

    But you are the higher level cat for sure @DonMeow
  12. Help pc rig (PLZ READ)

    No.. I bet he can run it at near medium...
  13. Help pc rig (PLZ READ)

    I am damn sure about that rig running gta 5....
  14. Help pc rig (PLZ READ)

    You can even record it at nearly high with 40+...

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