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  1. KSalue Is Now A Network, New Sister Site

    Ohhh. I understand now. That sure is an interesting concept. I might stop by to the sister-forum in the next couple of hours.
  2. Digimon

    I haven't played the PS3 variant of the Rumble Arena. I heard it's like Super Smash Brothers, but with Digimons as characters. I haven't touched my PS3 for awhile, I might consider taking it out of the cabinet.
  3. Digimon

    I'd be very happy if Digimon World 3 is recreated for Occulus Rift and make it into an MMORPG. 10/10 would pay for it.
  4. Absolutely Anything - Trailer

    Ohhh... that movie looks interesting. I'm gonna watch it. I've never seen the trailer in our local TV networks, so I doubt it'll be shown in our local cinemas. Oh, well, maybe I'll just download it.
  5. Share your internet speed

    Here's mine: It's slow, but it's good enough for me. I don't download stuff that often, anyway.
  6. Creating your own manga ?

    I have plenty of great ideas for manga, but my drawing skills suck, and I can't make up words to turn my imagination into a story. >.<

    I'll check this out. Will you also stream League of Legends? Oh, I just read your whole post, and you will. It would be nice if I could watch your gameplay.
  8. Digimon

    Indeed. The feel-good ambiance of this game is one of its many great factors. It just makes me want to stand in the grass fields and imagine myself in the game, the wind caressing my face~
  9. I Am Bread

    Haha! That's a nice idea. I would love to see a friend get frustrated over a game!
  10. Yandere Simulator [download]

    I agree. I wonder if there actually is a real life "yandere". Damn. That would be scary.
  11. What are you watching?

    So far, I've watched over 30 anime titles. Some of the titles I'm currently watching are Naruto, HS DxD, Sakurasou no Pet Nakanojo.
  12. Recommendations

    The best one I can recommend, so far, is I am a Hero. It's a zombie novel.
  13. Digimon

    I'm not really good with describing, but here's a gameplay video of it:
  14. KSalue Is Now A Network, New Sister Site

    Yeah, looks awesome. But I don't really know why there's a need to have another gaming forum.
  15. Introduce Yourself

    Hello, new here! May we all have a fun time.

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