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  1. Yeah dude, a new Mafia game would be nuts. I really really enjoyed the 2nd one. Hope we'll hear something at this year's E3
  2. Yeah but this is the biggest drop in the history of the game and alot of players were unhappy with WoD.
  3. Medic !!! aid the meow

    Just play some metal, I'm sure the cat will appreciate it. Try Avenged Sevenfold or, if you're tough you can try Slayer. Good luck to both of you!
  4. They announced 10 mill subs in Q4 2014 and they announced their Q1 2015 earnings annoucing that the subs dropped to 7.1 mill subs. Source: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/4878-WoW-Down-to-7-1-Million-Subscribers What do you think? Is it time for Blizzard to finally do something about this (make it F2P maybe, haha that's not going to happen with 7 million subs) and address the issues with WoD?
  5. Wow...Watch Dogs anyone? I'm really sad about this..The game really looked great but now it just looks mediocre..Hope the devs do something about this.
  6. The Oculus Rift

    Oculus need to up their game if they want to compete with HTC VIVE. I've heard they want to released it sooner than the Rift and that may be a problem for Oculus. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  7. Alright, great. The first one still amazes me with its graphics. It's old but it's still so so gorgeus and well-made. I might have to replay it now.
  8. AMD's Zen CPUs

    Oh my god! If AMD doesn't fuck this up..Intel needs to up their game. As someone who doesn't enjoy spending a lot on Intel processors, this is great news!
  9. All Future BF4 Content to be Free

    Cool! I got BF4 free with my graphics card but I couldn't really get myself to play the game seriously. I mean, yeah I have some hours put into it but it feels repetitive playing the same maps over and over again. Hope they don't half-ass the free content!
  10. Free Weekend of ARMA3

    I have Arma II just for the DayZ mod but there's so much more to Arma 3 that I just don't know what to do. I'll save some money and get Arma 3 I think. I hope it will run on my hardware, lol. Is it as optimized as Arma 2 or alot better?
  11. Gaming, the Net, and Hackers

    If you don't raise any red flags to the hackers (taunting them, etc, etc) you'll be fine. Of course there are people that will f*** people over just for the heck of it. Nothing you can do with these guys...
  12. There will be an open beta! Please let that be it! Why do you have to do this to me ;(
  13. Yeah, Just Cause 3 looks so great. I enjoyed JC2 but the controls were kind of wonky and it was pretty awkward to play but all-in-all it was a great game.
  14. My hobby is probably tennis. I enjoy playing and watching it. It's a very fun and competitive sport. What about you?
  15. Is it even getting released? I enjoyed the first one alot but I haven't heard that much about the 2nd one.

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