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  1. Amazing fan animation

    I knew it's inspired by Gravity Falls from Disney, but I don't get the video, though. Does it have anything to do with the series or is it just made for teh lulz?
  2. Daria

    I haven't watched that, yet, but I've seen memes about it posted in social networking sites, but to be honest, I'm don't really plan of watching it, mainly because the art style doesn't appeal to me. Perhaps I would if someone could convince me.
  3. How many anime titles have you finished?

    Indeed. I actually plan on remembering every anime that I've watched and put it into a list for remembrance. It would be nice to imagine the anime scenes that you enjoyed back in time.
  4. Gaming, the Net, and Hackers

    I'm not really afraid of hackers. It's not like I have anything online that I need to keep a secret. Well, of course, I'd like to keep my social media accounts and online gaming accounts secret, but I doubt anyone would take interest in them. I keep a low profile, after all.
  5. What game are you looking forward to right now?

    I'm currently looking forward for Tree of Savior. It's currently open in Korea, but I'm waiting for the international release. Hopefully, I can get one of dem CBT keys.
  6. What are you watching?

    I've just watched 5 episodes of Hannibal. Needless to say, they're great episodes and I can't wait to watch the rest. The gore and the crime-solving~
  7. So, like the title states, how many anime titles have you finished? I've finished over 30. Some of the most recent ones I've finished are: 1)Hunter x Hunter 2)Toriko 3)Highschool DxD
  8. Key & Peele - Make-A-Wish

    I know, right. This comedy duo is great! The thin guy can change his accent pretty well. I'd love to see a movie with them both as the main cast.
  9. There's this space game called Sector 13..

    That's kind of disappointing. I sure hope there'll be a mass-effect type game that can be played online and with fleet battles. That would be epic!
  10. Games you want to replay again

    Currently I'm looking to replaying the Final Fantasy GBA games. I just love the cutesy pixelated graphics and the nice background music. I love how I can play it in a device that I can carry in my pocket — my android phone.
  11. Key & Peele - Make-A-Wish

    lol. Morbid and hilarious at the same time. The one I like the best is their "Substitute Teacher" skit.
  12. Will they release it for PC? Can it be played in multiplayer? Does it have an online option?
  13. Digimon

    That would actually be a very great idea, but I sure hope it's friendly for people who get easily nauseous, like me. It would suck if I bought the game and all it would give me is headache.
  14. Kingdom Come

    Awesome! The first screenshot looks so real! Too bad it's only an RPG. I'd definitely spend to play it if it will be released as an MMORPG.
  15. What's your liked original sound tracks from games?

    I like the Chrono Trigger soundtracks. The series have the best soundtrack ever. The musical arrangements are astounding!

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