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  1. Free Weekend of ARMA3

    I have been playing ARMA 2 for ages and had no idea there was a star wars mod. It actually looks pretty cool. I'll probably stick to vanilla
  2. AMD's Zen CPUs

    Cleaned up the post. I though I had accidently cleared it so rewrote it all. Not sure how I managed that lol. I agree and I will definitely stick with Intel. It is useful to have a set of AMD chips that can compete though. Hopefully it will encourage the cost of the Intel chips to drop at least a little bit. I'm itching to build a new i7 rig and could do with a few dollars being knocked off of the cost. That said, you an never have too much choice.
  3. ARMA 3 is free to play up until the end of this weekend. For anyone who hasn't been introduced to the ARMA series, it's a military combat simulator of unrivalled detail. I certainly suggest that anyone who enjoys FPS games should give it a try. If you are the type to enjoy a game with a real degree of strategy to it rather than an arcade-like run n' gun, this is a game for you. http://store.steampowered.com/app/107410/ Take a look!
  4. Dice is working on a whole load of new content for Battlefield 4. Supposedly, a lot of unannounced content along with night maps, a community map and a few new weapons. All very exciting. The best part is, they are claiming it will all be free for both premium and non premium players! If people are interested I can dig out the link I found some more details on. A quick google should find it though,
  5. AMD's Zen CPUs

    It is looking like AMD's new Zen CPU's might become viable contenders against Intel's Haswell chips. They are set to feature multithreading and instructions per clock that really do put them on the same field as Intel's best. I've also heard that these 8 core CPUs will have a 95W TDP. That makes them less power hungry than Haswell-E. It is looking like AMD's new Zen CPU's might become viable contenders against Intel's Haswell chips. They are set to feature multithreading and instructions per clock that really do put them on the same field as Intel's best.
  6. Mini ITX Build

    I've seen a load of ITX builds with the Prodigy. It does look slick! Thing is, it is really not a small case. I admit its smaller than my Antec 900. That does clearly come with some advantages but the Silverstone cases are down at 15 litres. A combination of limited desk space and the challenge itself means that I want a rig that really is as small as possible.
  7. AMD or NVidea

    The drivers and, to be honest, compatibility in general (specifically with Linux in mind) is a major plus point for NVidia. I don't really see anything on the horizon to change my mind all that much either.
  8. Black Mesa released, who's tried it?

    This is spot on. I can see another weekend rerunning the whole series coming up. It's a pretty impressive feat for a fan remake. I'm intrigued to see what is done with Xen. It would be interesting if that particular chapter wasn't recreated quite as faithfully as the rest of the game has been thus far.
  9. Games you want to replay again

    I consistently get the urge to replay the Half Life games. Black Mesa has just given me an excuse to do it again. They are just the perfect length, pace and difficulty to relax away a long weekend when my workload dies down.
  10. The Oculus Rift

    I have used an Oculus Rift. I live with some Comp Sci. students who had access to the developer kit and it was exceptionally cool. It has been a long time since I have heard any news since around this time last year when I used it. It serves a different purpose, but I am more excited for augmented reality technology like Microsoft's HoloLens. Here's a video for anyone who is interested:
  11. Mini ITX Build

    Has anyone built an i7, GPU, 4GB RAM rig with an ITX board in a case of a size that isn't approaching that of a small mid-tower? I've been looking at either the Cooler Master Elite 130 or the Silverstone cases which are tiny and look really slick. In particular, I have the Silverstone RVZ01 in mind. Has anyone done anything similar and did they run into any problems? I can imagine that cooling becomes hugely important in a chassis as small as these.
  12. AMD or NVidea

    What GPUs are people using and what is your preference if you had to pick one now? I have always chosen NVidea I have found they almost always run quieter and smoother than the AMD cards I have seen running. It seems the price of AMD cards has been inflated by their potential for mining as well. Is anyone able to put up an arguement in favour of AMD?
  13. Welcome to the forums jayres :)

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