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  1. Netflix Now in Kuwait!

    So Netflix just arrived here in Kuwait, which is great! Been meaning to try it and so I subscribed and was happy with the service that they are providing But, disappointed that so many damn tv shows and movies and especially anime are now available in Kuwait's version of Netflix. Thoughts?
  2. 2 monitors to match benq3501? suggestions

    I'm not a fan of curved monitors (although I haven't really played around with one much) but I'd suggest getting the same monitors or ones that's the same in resolution and size so you don't have troubles with your general user experience and gaming experience.
  3. Newbie in the house!

    Heya! Glad to have you =3
  4. Harness Suggestions Please

    Wish I had a dog to get a harness.. although I also wish i had someone to take care of him x3
  5. Steam Greenlight picks! Every now and then we'll pick some Greenlight games (or software) with short first impressions of what's been picked to hopefully help them get the greenlight from Valve and appear on Steam. Here's our choices for today: Phantasmal, a first person horror game that you want to give it to your friend, because what are friends for right? Check out their Kickstarter DESYNC, a first person fun action music shooter with creative and challenging enemies. Abyss Cave, a third person action adventure game with puzzles and tower defense elements. Excubitor, a good looking sci-fi top-down action tower defense game. Kraden's Crypt, a cartoon dungeon crawler with coop goodness. Celestial Command, a top-down well made shinny sandbox space game. Out of Reach, first person open world survival multiplayer goodness with massive constructions and tigers to kill. The Ritual on Weylyn Island, a first person survival adventure horror game set in the 80's. FreeStyle2: Street Basketball, fun free style 3 on 3 basketball greatness.
  6. What are you listening / jamming to right now? a tv show sound track? a game OST? or an awesome cover on youtube?
  7. Post funny stuff (videos/pictures/gifs) that you find on... the interenet! here's a picture to start it off
  8. What Did you Buy Today ?

    and now I finally got dis =D
  9. Review: BUYING and OPEN Samsung S6 Edge

    Fixed the post =) PS: Never liked those curves on the side of the phone =P
  10. What Did you Buy Today ?

    The build quality of this toy/figure is nice =3
  11. Comedy / Funny / Awesome Posts

    I want to say murder
  12. Getting an Alienware for the first time!

    Niiice looks awesome! <3 congrats =3
  13. What Did you Buy Today ?

    Well it's for the Digimon fans mainly, if we're talking about the game itself on its own, it's just good, not great+. Since i'm an Digimon fan tho, it's great+ for me <3 Bought this =3 and dis =3
  14. Music / OST - What are you listening to?

    I can confirm this =P
  15. What Did you Buy Today ?

    LADIES <3
  16. Getting an Alienware for the first time!

    Can't provide any feedback regarding laptops since.. well i'm not a laptop guy, but that does look sexy =3
  17. Top Greenlight Picks [29th July 2014]

    Steam Greenlight picks! Every now and then we'll pick some Greenlight games (or software) with short first impressions of what's been picked to hopefully help them get the greenlight from Valve and appear on Steam. Here's our choices for today: Enterchained, a what seems like a nice coop fighting arena game with a nice art-style. Superior Tactics 2, never played the first one but it looks like a good space RTS with fun explosive colors. Sam Clyph: Private Eye, looks like heavy detective noir stuff with minimalistic blocky style. Time To Robbery, if Payday 2 and Unturned had a babby. Quadrant, a horror game with a lot of nice narration. Perturbia, a game good for let's players to get scarred in and solve puzzles, in this case fuse boxes? Jotun, looks absolutly gorgeous and epic, a 2D adventure kind of game. Stikbold, a fun dodge ball game where you need to smash your friends in the face! Crest, a god game where you see your people evolve and change your commands to fit their own benefits.
  18. Steam Greenlight picks! Every now and then we'll pick some Greenlight games (or software) with short first impressions of what's been picked to hopefully help them get the greenlight from Valve and appear on Steam. Here's our choices for today: Caffeine, Gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 first person horror game. Into Blue Valley, a first person narrative driven open world game with a nice cold atmosphere. In The Dead Of Night, top-down combination of tower defense and RTS, looks nice with intractable useful buildings that's not just cosmetic. Nefarious, 2D action adventure platformer, the twist is that your the bad guy trying to conquer the world, and defeating the hero. Drew and the Floating Labyrinth, 3D hand drawn platformer that's honestly to charming to miss out on. Principia, a 2D adventure game with a focus on neat advanced mechanics and electronics construction. Pesadelo 2, a first person action horror game. Square Heroes, a 2D arcade action shooter, go in a match with your friends and blow them up! Radial Impact, neon-filled arcade beauty.
  19. Steam Greenlight picks! Every now and then we'll pick some Greenlight games (or software) with short first impressions of what's been picked to hopefully help them get the greenlight from Valve and appear on Steam. Here's our choices for today, which is more than usual: Border - Remembrance, a dark and cool looking fast paced Metroidvania game. Chapters of HUE: Autumn, a first person puzzle platformer with a nice looking art style HIT, a fun third person shooter to play with friends where one of the agents (one of your friends) is against you. DarkfieldVR, immersive coop based space adventure game with cool space battles. Unearthing Colossal, a 2D brawler with mostly everything being physics based. Broadside, naval/pirate battle action with good looking simple graphics and nice use of shades. Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Kaede Episode, cute anime RPG with interesting characters adventuring in 3D! antenna, cool looking platformer with simple but impactful 2D art style. Alyssa, a first person horror game with a really nice lighting system. Alice in Tokyo Wonderland, a really good looking hack n slash game with nice animations and cool looking combat. Deadhold, a nicely made squadbased action RTS. Feral, an open world 'play as a cat' game where you do cat things and go on cat adventures. Animal Gods, a 90's inspired action RPG with simplistic visuals and nice soundtrack. Mutiny!, a pirate brawler to play with friends and managed a ship fighting against other enemy pirates and their ships. For Each Our Roads of Winter, a first person exploration game with a unique art style and stunning visuals.
  20. GTA IV vs GTA V

    It's been a long time since I've played GTA IV, and I had fun playing GTA V as it was a great GTA game, but I came across this video comparing the two, it opened my mind to just how technically amazing and how far advanced GTA IV is compared to GTA V. If i had to compare my time of when I played GTA IV and GTA V, GTA IV wins because I just had a lot more fun playing it with laughs and just pure enjoyment and challenge that it provided, alongside some drama around mid to late game and how R18+/Mature this game was. I delete both games after I was done with them, but now I'm planning to redownload GTA IV and leave GTA V left behind for a long time. Not saying that GTA V is awful, it's damn amazing! but in comparison IV is just better in technical advancements to which amplifies its fun factor, plus it has more depth to its world too.
  21. The Attack on Titan official game is a game that most if not all fans of the anime are anticipating, but one developer had a wanted to take a different approach and quite frankly, it's a better one. Guedin’s Attack on Titan Fan Game is just simply amazing, it looks (and i'm gonna just going to say it plays better too) a lot more awesome than the official game. It even plays awesome too with awesome complete control and precise aiming and movement/momentum. Plus it looks gorgeous. I've been playing the pre-alpha build of the game a lot, and that doesn't include the titans and can't wait for it to come in with the coop too. Here's some gameplay I've recorded.
  22. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    Looks neat, and the language/combat hybrid idea is.. interesting, i'm open to learn japanese since I'm really engulfed in its culture, so I'm curious how this pans out. I'm intrigued and open to give it a shot once it's done or in a playable state. Keep going =3
  23. What's your top goty 2015 list?

    Calling all members. Calling all members. I'm making the GOTY 2015 list for KSalue, so what's your Game of the Year for 2015, and your top 10 or 5? Asking because your choices will be taken into consideration (or not i won't lie =P dunno =P) for making the KSalue goty 2015 list. But either way, would be neat to see you guys' goty list. (here's a list of what was released in 2015) Making the post sometime between the 20th til the 25th or so. GIVE ME YOUR BELOVED GOTY LIST! XD
  24. Now I can't wait to play Mirror's Edge Catalyst, as I was a fan of the first game and loved it in an extreme way, but while I wait for it to come out and hope EA doesn't fuck it up, I'm all open for any first person parkour games. There are very few of these kinds of games, and even fewer that are even good. I saw a nice game that I took an interest in as it looked like a first person parkour game and I didn't want to ignore such game, so I checked it out and was so happy to find out that it wasn't a bad game, it's great! The game is called Run Far, a first person parkour games that took inspirations of Jet Set Radio and Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, but I'd describe it as a mix of Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge, a fun and simple arcade version of Mirror's Edge with a relaxing atmosphere and warm colors. It's a simple demo but it delivers on its pitch/idea and I like it, hoping it gets fully developed. If you like what you see and want to try it out yourself, you can play the prototype HERE. Share your thoughts on it, wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on it.
  25. What's your top goty 2015 list?

    You present a good argument, but mr.meo, ain't no body got time for that xD Believe it or not it's really hard to rank games in a critical fair way if there is even such a way. That's why I went with my own experience and asking here on the forum + staff + other friends + the general look on the internet from what I've seen.

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