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  1. Music / OST - What are you listening to?

    This list just sucks the tilt out of me after a losing streak lol
  2. Newbie in the house!

    Welcome to the forum. lol haven't seen ISIS chan emote in a while.
  3. CS GO trading

    What rank are you currently? I can get you to MG2 - MGE with decent W/L ratio. No DMG though, was stuck there myself.
  4. Review: BUYING and OPEN Samsung S6 Edge

    Dude, that's a bot.. He's just advertising ubuy
  5. Review: BUYING and OPEN Samsung S6 Edge

    I am tell you, youbuy not good, 100% correct. I buy used one tablet one time and I get bad condition. So bad, I am never buy youyub again. Last time I am buy Lenovo Y50 in Ebay.com I am get what I want every time. Ebay.com very good. Also you are not see me spam in here tell everyone I buy ebay.com, y u go and spam everyone u buy youbuy.com? I am report you 9 time on different account. You get BAN.
  6. Getting an Alienware for the first time!

    "Cheap and good" defines Lenovo Y series.
  7. GTA IV vs GTA V

    Bought GTA IV and till now have a play time of 43 hours.. Bought GTA V and I have play time of 52 hours.. Mostly running around killing people.. Still level 12.. GTA V was ruined by cheaters for me, almost every game I played with friends had some ass hat just that wouldn't die. Standing still dancing like a bitch while we shit rockets at him..
  8. Getting an Alienware for the first time!

    If you live in a country where their support is good it's 100% worth it. My brother had an Alienware with a broken screen, he didn't have the $$ to fix it so he started up a game and covered his Alienware with blankets then called support pretending to be an idiot with no computer experience saying that the computer turned off while he was playing. They replaced his laptop with a new similar model Alienware. But from my own experience I'd say it's not worth it, it's not as sturdy as people say it is. I had that small Alienware(I think it was x14), it was good for a year but then the hinges started cracking which made me sell it before it got worse. After that I got an x17 which I sold in few months, shortly after selling it I got complaints that the processor was faulty.. Lost a lot of money that day :l
  9. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    That is quite unique, sounds interesting as well. I'm just a bit curious about how the game play will fit on Android and iOS. I'm assuming there will be a time limit in which you have to write a certain word. It'll take some players a bit too long to write on an Android/iOS keyboards (Me ) which would make it really hard for them. Remember to advertise properly. Good luck :D
  10. Netflix Now in Kuwait!

    As long as it's not Arabic it's fine. I just hope Kuwait doesn't filled with weeaboos.. Currently AUK is fucking filled with em.
  11. Get an SSD.. Once you get used to it you wont be able to stand HDD speed..
  12. What's your top goty 2015 list?

    Witcher 3.
  13. To All CS GO players out there...

    This was the only guide I read. lol https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=359458939 Here you can find other guides. https://steamcommunity.com/app/730/guides/?browsesort=toprated&browsefilter=toprated&requiredtags[0]=english&p=1#scrollTop=456
  14. To All CS GO players out there...

    I don't play CS:GO much but I've reached gold nova 3 in 10 games, so I'm not a silver scrub either. Play, play and play more. It'll help you get used to your mouse, keyboard and maps; get used to all competitive maps. It'll also improve your weapons burst control, spread control and crosshair placement, you don't have to learn each and every weapon, just pick one as your favorite and master it. The other stuff I've learned were from guides so read guides on good flashes and smokes, learn to peek corners properly and pre aim (Idk what they call it).
  15. Most Horrifying Games in 2015?

    Dying light is just zombies flailing and wailing around, nothing scary.

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