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  1. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    Here is a screenshot of one main character, an Elf Samurai :D
  2. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    Thank you, I'm drawing learning content like 3D kanji ... and experimenting many gameplays as card game, chess game, adventure game... for a final purpose is "gamer can learn Japanese through an AAA game", I will upload many demo clips later soon.
  3. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    I've finished 30 Orc actions, the final demo clip here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYLnALiWOYI I also started to create Titan's actions, so in the playable demo, I could demonstrate the gameplay of 3 different sizes (Dwarf, Orc, Titan) And this is first testing actions of Titan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc3d-9fh1ug
  4. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    I added Motion Blur Effect like Tekken 6, you will see it while dashing. I will ignore all animation bugs temporarily, for focusing more on AI development of the first playable demo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae1CUuCqcqw -------------------- And please vote for this idea on Greenlit Game concept Section, so I can gain more critics https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=599564530
  5. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    Why have I chosen Japanese and hardcore gamers? I've chosen Japanese because gamers we really want to learn Japanese for playing their game, or even watch some kinds of movie (if you know what I mean). This game only focuses on true hardcore gamers, I am going to develop another game for kids and girls, because this game is just for boys and men, then it will have a lot of something like boob, butt, blood... (and bike ). If you are hardcore gamer, absolutely you have a great mind. If you just don't want to try learning something new, just because it's so booooring. There is no way I would make a game could compete with big titles like MK, SF, Tekken... but if I create a video game as inspiration for gamer to study foreign language, it's already a good thing for the community (of course, if you don't want to learn language or this learning idea fails, you could just play the normal version ). ----------------- The game idea is very risky. But nothing is impossible. And I'm still studying for creating a good gameplay, to make sure it's fun. When the playable demo is out, I could discuss more about the way we implement it. For example: We are developing a Kanji drawing system by mouse dragging (or finger swiping on mobile ). It's not a new idea, but still is a useful feature, because you do not have to type for learning Kanji and Hanzi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltQUrbi0gus ------------------ If I want to attract hardcore gamers, the game itself must be a little epic. I've uploaded a clip to demonstrate Orc fighting style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkCsudMV3l0 Light Attack (L): Kick Medium Attack (M): Shield bash Heavy Attack (H): Upword slash The first combo is M L H <- H .I will upload more demo clips about the remain combos. There are still some weird animation bugs, I will fix them soon.
  6. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    Actually, I'm not alone in this project , I and my little brother are game developers, my little sister (a language student) handles about languages. ------------------------------ I hope you success and perfect it, you might think about visiting kickstarter if you didn't :p I'm just a simple guy, and I'm afraid of a nightmare that I don't know what to do with a bunch of money, it would be a disaster. I prefer Patreon because it's safer for both developer and backers. It's just a tip jar. But it's future story, the game still is in a very early state.
  7. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    In all platform, gamer don't need typing for interactions (I hate typing too), there will be fun and cool actions like drag and drop, swipe ... I already developed a Kanji drawing system by swiping (you could imagine something like Fruit Ninja , I will post the clip soon)
  8. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    I started this project from 2014, and I will continue develop it (I know it would cost several years of my life, but it's worth it). I'm working hard on the first playable demo, and I will post it here when I finish. This is a free game for the horde (just like its name). I even don't have a plan for sell it, freemium, banner ads, pay for dlc... in all platform PC, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS... I will also publish all resource I made (and code) to the indie game development community. If you have any question, just ask here, I will reply asap. Thank you for being kind and didn't suppose me as spammer.
  9. Do you need a fighting game for learning Japanese?

    Yeah, gamers we spend a lot of time in playing game, just want to beat any challenge while gaming. Society says it's a waste of time. So why we shouldn't learn a foreign language at the same time? It will help us get a better life. (It's just what about gamification). ----------------------------------- This game even has a real plot for the reason why you have to learn a foreign language: Humans are haughty They conquered Myth-earth The other races Allied together Defeated human After ten decades The peace is over New war has begun Forever again An Elf scholar discovered an ancient language (it's the language you want to learn: Japanese, English, Spanish...). It has extreme power, called Rune Force . Everyone who understands it, could gain an unbelievable strength. But Rune Force is very hard to learn. So The Human invented a device called Guardian Card, for storing Rune Force in creature's form. The Human could build great armies because they would control Rune Force more efficiently than the other races. The Human was so ambitious, they did want to be King of Myth-earth. They conquered anywhere, and no race could stop them. The other races allied together for preventing The Human. The Human was lost, and other races drove them away from Myth-earth. Guardian Cards were banned in Myth-earth. After 100 years, these dangerous weapons appear again. Every race fights each other for possessing Guardian Cards. At the same time, The Human is planning for their revenge. So you have to learn Rune Force(Japanese) for mastering Guardian Cards. You could imagine the Rune Force here is something like spell in Harry Potter or Force in Star Wars. -------------------------- When fighting with bosses, it will be very hard to defeat them, if you don't remember words. So you can not unlock more Guardian Cards, characters... unless you actually study the language by mastering Guardian Cards. -------------------------- In PvP mode, you can challenge other friend, for proving that you learned more than them. Your friend could choose a different language from you. For example, you are studying Japanese, but your friend just only knew Spanish as second language, so there will be two quizzes in both two languages at the same time, you and your friend will have separate objectives to target. In each round, there will be about 5 quizzes (15 seconds per quiz).
  10. Hi guys, I'm indie game developer, I'm creating a free open resource 3D fighting game, here are some Youtube clips about the demo The main purpose when I start this project, not just for entertainment, but also for education. In particular, it's a language learning system for hardcore gamers. The are many language learning games, but most of them are for kid and girl. With true gamers, those simply games are so boring. In my dream, this game could teach people how to write kanji of Japanese.I know it will be very risky, but these are what gamers need from indie game developers (implementing crazy ideas is my duty). ----------------------------------------- There will be two modes. The first mode is Normal mode, it's just a normal fighting game, nothing to discuss here. The second mode is Learning mode, where we should master Japanese to defeat opponent (your win depends on your playing skills like combo commiting, strategy... and your Japanese vocabulary, grammar... the ratio is 50:50). Because this game is designed for hardcore gamer, so the system will be quite complicated, then it isn't suitable for popular audience. It will also help gamer could learn Japansese for playing Japanese fantasy video games, so the vocabulary will start with epic words like: dragon, sword, magic... Modern words like airport, car... will appear later. There are many quizzes inside a battle. The quiz has form: What does X mean? and three choices. Player choose his choice by attacking opponent with rule: first choice is high parts like head, chest... second choice is middle parts like lower torso, hands... third choice is low parts like thighs and foot. If a player answer right first, he will get bonuses like HP, DEF, ATK, GAUGE, MOVEMENT... If the answer is wrong, he will be punished. There are also RPG elements here. Guardian Card ( just like Guardian Force in Final Fantasy 8) will boost your character's status a little. Here are some examples (note: each race has specific Guardian Cards) The Genius Gnome (Halfling) + 2 ATK in each strike of combo The Wild Orc (Orc) + 10 ATK in first strike of combo The Blue Lizardman (Reptile) + 15 ATK in last strike of combo The Mountain King (Dwarf) + 5 DEF The Dark Elf (Elf) + 20 MAX GAUGE The Centaur Archer (Centaur) + 10 MOVEMENT The Sealed Summoni (Oni) - 5 DEF of enemy The Young Mermaid (Mermaid) + 5 HP when you Parry The Minotaur (Beastman) Special skill Stomp the Earth The Last Angel (Angel) + 2 HP per 10 second The Brave Titan (Titan) + 20 MAX HP Player could equip several GCs (maximum is 5). Each GC has 10 words. If player answer right a word of a GC in battle, the GC will gain EXPs. The GC could level up, then unlock the new word and increase the status. Max level is 10. If player anwser wrong, the GC will lost EXPs, and the level of GC may be decreased (so player has to remember words). When a GC achieve lv 10, player will gain its passive effect permanently, so player would unequip it and learn another GC. For GC collecting, he will have to defeat insane bosses, with high HP, DEF and badass skills. The boss could equip GCs too. The bosses will appear follow the storyline and player's learning progress. ----------------------------------------- I want to ask you guys a question: DO YOU NEED A FIGHTING GAME FOR LEARNING JAPANESE? I really want to hear your opinions, listen what you want. And of course , there will be another languages like Chinese, Spainish... May be, you just need a game for fun, so I will continue make a normal fighting game. But if you say YES, I will create demo about learning game ideas.

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