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  1. Steam Link

    Haha, I'll be shipping them soon! xD So far it's pretty awesome, no lag issues! I haven't tried any big games on it yet just a few small ones. I'll make a better review of it soon. Maybe i'll upload a video and some pictures.
  2. Steam Link

    Steam Link Last month was Black Friday here in America, where all stores make crazy deals! Steam and GameStop made a deal on the Steam Link which was $50 but went all the way down to $5. I couldn't resist that offer, and I doubt anyone could. I went ahead and bought myself one. The shipping took a while but I received it yesterday! I honestly had no idea what to expect. I set it up today and played a game and it was pretty awesome. It came with an HDMI cable, Ethernet Cord, and the Power Cord. Setting it up was very easy. It updated quickly, then I connected it with steam from my laptop and played using both a PS4 controller and an Xbox 360 controller. The Xbox controller worked better in my opinion. I think its worth buying even if it's not on any kind of deal. You can stream any Steam game from your computer to your Tv and it's pretty good with no latency or lag what so ever! It won't let me upload any pictures soI will try to later!
  3. Are you still clicking?

    I don't think I'd like to use a mouse that doesn't click... O.O It would feel pretty weird! Haha.
  4. Need suggestions-buying a new PC

    Are you still looking for a computer or did you get one? If you did, what did you end up buying? Upload pictures if you can! If you didn't then I'd say get an Alienware if you like Laptops, I got one last year and mine never heats up. I'm more of a Mac User since I use a lot of Music and video software. Also, you should check Origin PC's out. I heard they're pretty good. They're three executives that used to work for Alienware and decided to start Origin Pc's. I will link their a PC and two laptops below that I think are kind of cool. Might be good for you. Desktop Chronos Laptop EON17-SLX 17" Laptop EON15-X 15"
  5. I'm back with plans!

    Hey everyone! I'm back from the dead! Starting next week, I will be more active no this website. More content, more information, more posts, MORE EVERYTHING!! Also, I will be working on streaming on Twitch as soon as I finish my set up! Feel free to contact me with any streaming suggestions, or any other suggestions you guys want to see, know, or even just talk about! Make a list of games that you guys would like to see and I will do my best to stream them! My plan is to start streaming Destiny 2 on PC and maybe on PS4 soon. I know it has been out for a while but with school and work, I've barely had any time to game. Now that I'm free I will have time to game and stream!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm back from the dead! :Boo:

    Starting next week, I will be more active no this website, sharing information and content! Also, I will be working on streaming on Twitch as soon as I finish my set up!

    Feel free to contact me with any streaming suggestions, or any other suggestions you guys want to see, know, or even just talk about!

    • Make a list of games that you guys would like to see and I will do my best to stream them!


  7. Getting an Alienware for the first time!

    I received the laptop about two weeks ago now. Its pretty bad ass! Only downside is its not as fast because I don't have an SSD installed. I'm getting an SSD sometime in the next two months.
  8. Getting an Alienware for the first time!

    I've been looking at all the laptops and to be honest they're all the same price with similar specs. The Alienware is had the best specs for a better price than most laptops I saw. I've never used MSI, I've heard a lot of the heating problems it has. Also, Lenovo has a bad reputation. I was going to get an Asus but its $200 more expensive and the VGA wasn't even a GTX 970M it was a GTX 960M. I ordered the same Alienware but without an SSD for $1,450. I don't think having a 128GB SSD that makes the laptop about $200 more expensive worth it. I can add another SSD later on if I feel the need. I hope it doesn't fall apart... Lol. I got good covarage and I got the one year accidental warranty incase I drop it or spill any drinks on the laptop or some shit. Haha. Thanks guys! :3 I'll post some pictures and tell you guys how it preforms when I get it in the next 10 days.
  9. Netflix Now in Kuwait!

    Hulu has a lot more shows and anime. I don't know if Hulu is available in Kuwait though.
  10. Hey guys! I'm about to buy a new laptop. I think I'm going to get the Alienware 17" R3 laptop. It comes with 16GB of Ram, 1TB Hard drive, 128GB SSD and 3GB GTX 970M GPU. Do you guys think I should go through with it? Is that laptop worth $1600? Any suggestions? I've always wanted an Alienware. It looks smexy! If anyone owned an Alienware before tell me if its worth getting and if it actually stay with me for over 3-4 years.
  11. Diablo III like games on PS4

    I want a PS4 game! :( I don't wanna PC game, I don't have a comfortable setup to play games on PCs.
  12. Comedy / Funny / Awesome Posts

  13. Diablo III like games on PS4

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows a ps4 game like Diablo III I wanted to buy Divinity but the fighting style is as fun as diablo. I was hoping someone could tell me if there are nice games similar to diablo or something fun to play since I'm bored of all my games!! HELP ME GAMERS!! HELP MEEEEEEE
  14. Thief is really nice and hard! I think its worth it trying.
  15. Star Wars: Battlefront. Horrible or good?

    Yeah, there are like coins you pick up during the battle. Depending on what coin you pick up, you either play with a space ship, tanks, or a Jedi/Sith which includes Darth Vader. However, you get one of the Jedis/Sith for about 1 to 2 minutes if I'm not mistaken. The reason I was excited about Battlefront was because I thought it was gonna be an MMO. Something like Destiny. That's what a lot of people said. Sadly it wasn't. :(

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