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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm about to buy a new laptop. I think I'm going to get the Alienware 17" R3 laptop. It comes with 16GB of Ram, 1TB Hard drive, 128GB SSD and 3GB GTX 970M GPU. Do you guys think I should go through with it? Is that laptop worth $1600? Any suggestions? I've always wanted an Alienware. It looks smexy! If anyone owned an Alienware before tell me if its worth getting and if it actually stay with me for over 3-4 years.
  2. It's a simple question, and I actually want this to have a backlog for awesome game music, and for future help, so fill it up with game music that you like or heard, whenever you remember a game song that you like, any time, post it here, fill this post will your loved/liked backlog of game music! =3 to start it off, I like all the pheonix wright soundtrack, especially the latest one.
  3. Labyrinth: Through Oblivion

    Hi! My friend is hosting a forum game in a few weeks. It's an AMAZING series. A very different experience from pretty much any other type of game I've ever played. It's a little hard to explain but easy to learn and really worth playing. He's low on applications so I told him I would post the ad in a few places. If you're looking for a different and fun experience you should play! ======================================== In the depths of space, a powerful force is stirring. The mining ship Dalia was out looking for signs of alien life when all inhabitants on board disappeared in a flash, leaving nothing behind. A distress signal from the ship revealed a series of inhuman screams on board. A hapless space captain has been ordered to put together a team and investigate the ship to find out what became of the crew. Their mission is to discover what happened out there. However space is cold and lonely. The depths of Oblivion do strange things to the mind. Their greatest danger may lie amongst themselves... Welcome To Labyrinth IV: Through Oblivion! This is the fourth installment in the "official" Labyrinth series. After falling prey to sinister traps, ancient monsters, deadly leviathans and murderous mimes, a brave group of heroes are now needed to find out what lurks in the depths of space. Not all of them will turn out to be heroes, however, as players may ultimately choose to go down a darker path. Renowned for its sense of immersion and atmosphere, Labyrinth is a forum game experience that will push your nerves and senses to the limit. Players will create a character and explore a deadly maze along with groups of others. As they progress, day by day, the group will slowly dwindle as players fall prey to the dangers within and to the schemes of one another. Players are isolated by location, only ever having access to see the room they currently inhabit. They may go their separate ways, only to meet up later under very different circumstances. They will find items and devices to help them achieve their goals as they explore. Ultimately though, few have ever survived the Labyrinth and lived to tell about it. Will you be one of them? Applications for the game will be open until the end of April, which is when the game is due to start. The application form is here: Application Form The game is open to a large number of applicants, but there is an upper limit on how many can be taken on each time. If you'd like to know more about the game and series, information on past games and a full gameplay guide are posted on the game forum, along with my contact details if you have any questions. Game Link
  4. found this game some time ago, but this video went live this month, explaining how they're making a 4D puzzle game, and he explains it so well. Also i want this game =P

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