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Found 2 results

  1. GTA IV vs GTA V

    It's been a long time since I've played GTA IV, and I had fun playing GTA V as it was a great GTA game, but I came across this video comparing the two, it opened my mind to just how technically amazing and how far advanced GTA IV is compared to GTA V. If i had to compare my time of when I played GTA IV and GTA V, GTA IV wins because I just had a lot more fun playing it with laughs and just pure enjoyment and challenge that it provided, alongside some drama around mid to late game and how R18+/Mature this game was. I delete both games after I was done with them, but now I'm planning to redownload GTA IV and leave GTA V left behind for a long time. Not saying that GTA V is awful, it's damn amazing! but in comparison IV is just better in technical advancements to which amplifies its fun factor, plus it has more depth to its world too.
  2. So yea, it's coming in early 2015, maybe with the PC release. We got a trailer for now, and it's looking good =) Also, here's a more detailed look/info on the upcoming update with QnA stuff link

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