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Found 3 results

  1. aaaaaand another MMORPG that was subscription-based just went free to play. By just went I mean on the 29th. Heck even Guild Wars 2, which is a buy to play (buy the game once and that's it) game went free to play a few days ago. The game MMORPG left that's still subscription based and still going is Final Fantasy XIV. I think that game will live longer before going F2P.
  2. The first expansion for Guild Wars 2 was announced, named Heart Of Thorn. From the stream: No new max level, or no new max level gear. New environments. New progression system: Masteries. New group challenges with new skills and abilities. New profession customization. New Guild support. New area: Heart Of Maguuma Han glides confirmed, you gain it after spending mastery points. FLY! New form of combat that comes after spending mastery points. you will be able to gather Precursors through quest in the game. Also, new legendaries and precursors. Specializations announced (kind of like a second profession). New profession: the revenant. New world vs world: borderland. With special capturable terrain abilities. brand new pvp game mode, stronghold. GUILD HALLS! a guild place for you and your guild memebers to hang out and progress in it too. Guild missions. For a more detailed explanation of this announcement, go here https://heartofthorns.guildwars2.com/en
  3. It hasn't been officially released or announced, just leaked, and so it's either an actual leak, or a really amazing fake, which I doubt, and there is no info in the trailer indicating that this is an expansion, but at this point the probability of it is really high, since their story updates has finished, and I'm guessing they will be an official announcement in the upcoming pax event. and now it's on the official YT channel of GW2, with a little bit more detail. Still no official word if expansion or not, plus, what's up with the easter egg in the title... "The dragon is rising… and no one in Tyria is safe. Prepare to take up arms and join the battle. Journey deeper in Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns. Subscribe to the Guild Wars 2 channel on YouTube for weekly developer videos, release videos and more! http://www.youtube.com/guildwars2 "

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