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Found 3 results

  1. What are you listening / jamming to right now? a tv show sound track? a game OST? or an awesome cover on youtube?
  2. It's a simple question, and I actually want this to have a backlog for awesome game music, and for future help, so fill it up with game music that you like or heard, whenever you remember a game song that you like, any time, post it here, fill this post will your loved/liked backlog of game music! =3 to start it off, I like all the pheonix wright soundtrack, especially the latest one.
  3. Hey everyone, Today we have a nice announcement to make, something that's easy and sensual to the ears, but makes you want to bang your head on the wall repeatability because it's too awesome. We now have our first OST, theme song! Custom made by a talented Youtuber called FamilyJules7x, where he makes amazing metal covers of popular good old games. Without further delay, here's the our first OST I know not all of you are metal lovers, but even so, what do you guys think?

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Game Tech Arabia Network