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Found 28 results

  1. Fallout 4 is out, thoughts?

    So Fallout 4 is finally out in the wild, and just wanted to know what are ya'll s opinion about it? did it meet your expectations as the next fallout game? or did it end badly?
  2. Diablo III like games on PS4

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows a ps4 game like Diablo III I wanted to buy Divinity but the fighting style is as fun as diablo. I was hoping someone could tell me if there are nice games similar to diablo or something fun to play since I'm bored of all my games!! HELP ME GAMERS!! HELP MEEEEEEE
  3. Has anyone tried out the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta yet? its been out since the 8th of October for free on the PlayStation store. I tried it and I thought it was horrible. Its Battlefield with a Star War theme. All this excitement for nothing. What do you guys think?
  4. We finally get to see gameplay footage of Nier: Automata, and it exceeded my expectations and it's a definite buy day one. Thank Geralt that it's on PS4 and not Wii U.
  5. Just Yesterday DRIVECLUB released a new expansion DLC to get for Driveclub owner or as a standalone purchase. I got it and it was fucking bikes! they've added bikes to the game and it's so damn awesome! =3 Played my first race with it's and fell in love. not perfect obviously but so damn near to what motorcycle games from 12 years ago so I'm damn happy about that. Any one gave it a go?
  6. Tokyo Game Show is still happening and with this day probably being the best one? as we get a new Persona 5 trailer with a lot more in-game / gameplay stuff. One bit revealed that the combat is still turn-based like its previous titles, which to me is a bummer as I was hoping it would've been real time, but since it's confirmed to be turn-based then I'll be playing it in its easiest mode to get the combat sessions over with as fast as possible, if it's anything like P4 that is. Also what's nice that can be noticed is that there seems to be a lot more stuff to do that's off-combat so that's really nice =3 Also here's more actual gameplay from another video they've released as the developer(s) get interviewed.
  7. Announced at Tokyo Game Show, Gravity Rush 2 (or Gravity Daze 2) is happening and it's coming for the PS4 rather than the PSVita. While fans who played the game on the first game on the vita will probably be salty not getting the sequel on that system, I see this as a good decision because even when the first game came out, it was really ambitious and huge for it to be handled by the PSVita, so now that it's coming to the PS4 we know that it will be fully utilized to its full potential. Gravity Rush 2 is coming out next year on PS4, and another nice announcement is that the first game, Gravity Rush is coming to PS4 on February 10th 2016. UPDATE: So here's off-screen gameplay footage of Gravity Rush/Daze Remastered running on PS4. It looks sooooo slick and smooth! D1P!
  8. With the news coming out that Gravity Rush/Daze is getting released on the PS4, they also announced that there will be a new collectors edition which is only available in Japan and current at Amazon JP. I really want this..
  9. A new Final Fantasy XV trailer has been released and one that focuses on story than gameplay this time around, and either way it the game still looks unbelievably beautiful.
  10. This looks neat. Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky just got a gameplay teaser trailer. Now I'm not a fan of JRPG's turn-based combat (not sure if this game is turn-based) but it does look pretty and and platforming bits look nice. Coming out for the PS4 and Vita.
  11. A nice anime 2D action 16-bit brawler called Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive now has a short live action video, and simply put, it looks really nice! The game is on PC at the moment, but it's coming out for the PS4 on the 21st of July 2015 (this month) if you'd like it on that platform. The game
  12. We're huge fans of the Digimon world, and seeing that the PSVita game Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is getting English Localization and getting released on the PS4 alongside digitally for the PSVita definitely makes us really happy and excited for it. No exact date for the release but it's coming out in 2016. Personally I'm probably getting it both on Vita and PS4. You can never have too much Digimon.
  13. Now I don't know about all of you, but first I'm going to watch all the anime shows that I haven't watched that are in this game (about 5 or 10), and then after that I'm going buy it, because holy Asian does it look good with all the different character and their unique styles.
  14. Disgaea fan? Well then the English version of Disgaea 5 is finally coming out this October 2015. This announcement comes with a nice new English trailer.
  15. http://www.twitch.tv/beatshapers Not sure if you guys heard of a game called #killallzombies (yes that's the name) but i got it when it was released on the psn us, and honestly i had a lot of fun with it, expected it to be boring but it turned out the opposite (gameplay & thoughts). But anyway, it's launching on the psn eu today, and they're live streaming the game with new content (at 3pm gmt). What's even better is they hooked me up with a game key for it to giveaway (for psn eu accounts), so yea.. giveaway!=) if you got a ps4, and a eu psn account, or don't but know some one that does and will enjoy it, drop a comment as usual with these giveaways and will pick at random =) Also, here's a gif

    Hey guys, I haven't been on for a pretty good while now and someone keeps bugging me to be more "active"! haha. Anyway, my friend bought a PS4 and we've been playing it nearly everyday! Mostly Diablo III. Whatever we play we stream on twitch! So you guys should start watching those videos and stuff. Maybe soon I'll start streaming some League of Legends and other PC games when I set my stuff up properly, and also when I get my own PS4 I'll start streaming a lot and probably play more games especially Mortal Kombat which is gonna be out sometime in April! If anyone knows stuff about how to customize twitch please contact me! I really wanna put the kSalue Logo and link and stuff on there and if I can make it show while streaming that would be amazing!! My twitch link is: http://www.twitch.tv/mickie666/ and my PSN is: mickiedoo666 Add me follow me and stuff! I will post when I start streaming! Hopefully you guys will be awake and interested!
  17. Hey guys! I just bought Mortal Kombat X right now and going to stream it on twitch for a bit before going to class!! Get your asses on my twitch and watch how I will not fail at this game at all... Haha http://www.twitch.tv/mickie666
  18. New video with new gameplay clips, and it's fucking awesome! Damn does it look good, can't wait for may!
  19. PS4 Playstation Plus Manga [JP]

    Song got an artist to make a short manga for the PS4 / PS+ , not sure if there will be a full manga of it, but at least i really want the first pages to be translated =P JP always gets the good stuff :/ Link
  20. Source Makes you wonder how much of MS' influence / money there is behind decisions like this. Also makes me afraid of what the PC version will be.
  21. Looks so damn good! can't wait until it's out =3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2jMzWAIZSg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7IRVOCJB2k
  22. Finally it's coming, PS3 features are coming to PS4 now, Source
  23. announced on the playstation blog, Dust is coming to the PS4! launched on xbox 360, came to PC, and now coming to PS4. the game is amazing, most of the reviews are 9s and 10s. check out an old launch trailer for an idea on what it is
  24. Who's ready for the witcher 3!?

  25. FIFA 15 Demo first imprisons

    So FIFA15 demo just came out yesterday/today on console and pc, played the PC (will play PS4 ver later) and here's what i noticed improved visuals, more contrast, nice grass details, noticeable extra detail on the ball the character movements feel a lot heavier than previous games, which makes stupid fast movements (not saying that wasn't fun though) in previous games almost gone animations got a lot more smoother, more added, and the robot movements are not less noticeable now collisions between players are nice now, more noticable, and i actually want to bump into players now =P the AI is a lot more smarter, like this time they are improved a lot, especially the goalkeepers, they WILL defend Overall I'm happy with it, like i might actually buy it. Na im kidding, i never bought a FIFA game before (aside from for the vita when it launched) always been playing demos, enough for me =)

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