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Found 3 results

  1. I've been waiting for an attorney game to be released on PC for a long while, and this just is one amazing piece of cake to eat on this platform. Aviary Attorney is just simply what I'd hoped for, beautifully amazing. The original soundtrack, the art style, the animations, the dialogue, the twists and turns, the ventures and the conclusions are all extremely well made together that, expressing my review of this game in terms of emotions, it made me happy at time and sad at a few, excited to see what'll happen next and shocked at some outcomes, with an overall feeling of great satisfaction from the quality of how well made this game is with an intense charismatic aura surround it. There's a matter of how the game came out in an in-complete state, and as a result my progression through the game was stopped for a good amount of time, but now that its fully complete I finished the game and happy with what I've consumed. Also, have to give credit for great mouse and keyboard controls, expecting the game to have generic directional controls but contradicting my thought and providing great controls for the platform it was released in. Worth buying? Hell yes if you're into a great story with great characters and dialogue, and especially if you're a fan of the Ace Attorney series. Heck it has more risks than Ace Attorney in terms of story telling, which is kind of awesome.
  2. Bayonetta 2 Reviews are up

    Great scores so far Eurogamer 9/10 Gamespot 10/10 Game Informer 9/10 Joystick 5/5 IGN 9.5/10
  3. Destiny Review

    The story hints at its potential about halfway through, when you meet two of Destiny's few non-Dinklage characters, both of whom wear dramatic costumes and fill their speech with pregnant pauses worthy of the best Bond villains. Alas, Destiny wastes the opportunity to develop a mystery worth caring about, and instead reverts to more fetch quests, then follows them up with a manipulative ending that reminds you that the game's superlative orchestral soundtrack does far more work in establishing this world's tone than the mediocre writing ever does. To be fair, some of the item descriptions, and lore-heavy explanations you can read on Destiny's official website, fill in some narrative gaps. But even many of those explanations require you to meet certain thresholds so that you can unlock them. Developer Bungie doesn't take responsibility for its own story; instead, it passes the responsibility for learning the story on to you, but never infuses its game with the richness of tone that might inspire you to seek answers Destiny prefers telling the same stories time and time again, hoping to transfix you with its rinse-and-repeat pace and ply you with the possibility of better loot, rather than with gameplay diversity that intimates surprises hovering on the horizon. Why does the moon have the same gravity as earth? The Bad : Repetitive missions containing repetitive encounters Abysmal storytelling that makes you unlock and seek out basic plot elements Endgame has you grinding the same bullet-sponge bosses over and over again I Couldn't except much of the game for a Call of duty makers I would give it 5.5/10 AT MAX 5.5/10 I spent about 40 hours playing Destiny, playing every story mission, every strike mission many times,

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