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Found 3 results

  1. A photo of opening first~~ So I was planning to get a new phone, but s7 is too expensive, so I decide to buy a s6. While I was checking out which shopping website is better and cheaper. I discoverd [BANANA]. Which is A LOT CHEAPER THAN CANADA. Therefore, I found a [BANANA] agent, called [BANANA-NANA]. So, in total, it took about two weeks to ship to Canada. This is their logo. Anyway, back to the topic!!!!!!! Took a while to actually open this So, it took about 1 hour to charge to battery to 100% from 20%. To be honest. the front looks awsome, but the back....huh.....I will say it's just ok. In the end, the phone is great, also, the shipment service is good as well. PLZ forgive me the advertisment for them that im gonna do again. www.[BANANA].com this is because i love the phone!!!!!
  2. A Company in Kuwait Named " Eureka " have launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (32GB) & the Galaxy S6 Edge + (32GB) Today. T The Note 5 Going for 230 KWD ( 761 USD ) and the S6 Edge + for 250 KWD ( 827 USD ) Below is The Adverts of Eureka for Both Phones
    S6 Edge + Note 5
    I am 100% Sure within a month a price drop will happen for these devices, this is to much for a Phone of 32GB Space it will nearly cost 1000 USD. They Might sell the 64GB verison for 1000 USD, seeing that the 32GB cost that much
  3. Naming it Samsung Gear VR, basically an oculus rift for mobile devices, which is good i think? im not into vr since i tried the first developerd kit and wasn't impressed, but hey there's now vr for your phone here's more pictures of the app/apps that come with it Source: 1 2

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