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Found 15 results

  1. Steam Link

    Steam Link Last month was Black Friday here in America, where all stores make crazy deals! Steam and GameStop made a deal on the Steam Link which was $50 but went all the way down to $5. I couldn't resist that offer, and I doubt anyone could. I went ahead and bought myself one. The shipping took a while but I received it yesterday! I honestly had no idea what to expect. I set it up today and played a game and it was pretty awesome. It came with an HDMI cable, Ethernet Cord, and the Power Cord. Setting it up was very easy. It updated quickly, then I connected it with steam from my laptop and played using both a PS4 controller and an Xbox 360 controller. The Xbox controller worked better in my opinion. I think its worth buying even if it's not on any kind of deal. You can stream any Steam game from your computer to your Tv and it's pretty good with no latency or lag what so ever! It won't let me upload any pictures soI will try to later!
  2. Once again thanks Ksalue for giving me this awesome game!! Played it pretty much since now... But I am,now, having a problem with the game... All the things seem to happen correctly until I don't change my weapons or go into the pause menu... Whenever I exit the inventory or pause screen, Death doesn't move or attack.... I can change the camera angles and the enemies too just stand beside me and don't attack me... Please help guys....
  3. Now I love Battlefield (mostly BFBC2) and I love Arma 2 and 3, and these two have their own unique play style to them with both of the series focusing on big scale battles, but none of them captured a great war feel in regards to an online multiplayer session. That's where SQUAD comes in and saves the day to satisfy that lust. SQUAD is the next game from those who develop the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2, and describing its position in popular FPS war games, it sets nicely between Arma and Battlefield where it provides a great balance between the arcade and realistic styles of gameplay. It's visually stunning but it is appealing to look at with the Unreal Engine 4 running it, although the sound design is just lovely. The gameplay on the other hand is what will appeal to a niche group of players. Talking from experiencing it, you'll be thrown into a huge map that's been greatly designed for tactical play, enter a squad and communicating with each other to advance on the battlefield and take control of points. That would be one quad's job to do, while another would survey the area, another would keep going on patrol and on the ready to strike, with another squad being support as a fail-safe if something goes wrong. This would all happen if every squad knows what they're doing and communicating, and that actually happens more so than usual compared to other FPS war games which is kind of nice. Also it's worth mentioning that the shooting part of the gameplay isn't easy regarding long distance shots. It's not as easy like in Battlefield or Arma even with the best of assault weapons. Aside from correct and accurate sniper shooting, tactical advancements and actions are king over quick shots, which again is a great refresher compared to other shooters. If you crave for a realistic first person war shooter but with no complications and a focus on actual tactical/strategical team-work, then give SQUAD a shot as it comes out on Steam Early Access this month in November.
  4. New Sister Site: Future Beta Gamer

    Yes we have a new sister site and some of you probably have seen it already, but we'd like to announce our new sister site: Future Beta Gamer. A fun little gaming focused site that will cover all games that are in development (Prototype, alpha, beta or anything in between). It's a useful site for gamers and game developers to have a site to go to and check up on such games. A select game will be featured everyday, news coverage of game development, and an archive of in-development games for you to check out or to have it as a reference to see what games you want to play. Hope you like what we have. Keep on gaming!
  5. ARMA 3 is free to play up until the end of this weekend. For anyone who hasn't been introduced to the ARMA series, it's a military combat simulator of unrivalled detail. I certainly suggest that anyone who enjoys FPS games should give it a try. If you are the type to enjoy a game with a real degree of strategy to it rather than an arcade-like run n' gun, this is a game for you. http://store.steampowered.com/app/107410/ Take a look!
  6. So i used to make a list of games on greenlight to post ( from the picture above) to point out so it can come on steam and get it noticed hopefully, but eh got lazy, so i thought might as well just make it so i just casually post them here, and hopefully talking about it, and maybe get you guys to do the same, like did you notice a good game that you like on steam greenlight? post em here so we can thumb em up
  7. Wickland ! Another Free giveaway by dev!

    Follow the below procedure. 1. Go to this site. http://greenlightarcade.com/contest/wickland/index.php 2. Sign In with your steam account. 3. Register with your email, verify email and enter a username. 4. Check your email (might be on spam folder and could take a few minutes) Keys are limited so grab them before they're gone. Below is a KSalue Version of Wickland
  8. So Steam dropped the ball and announced 'its own' streaming service that's obviously exclusive to Steam, and it's looking good. Just to clarify, Steam announced its OWN streaming service for its games, as in it's not Twitch.tv or any other known service, and it's built in the steam client, as you can see in the picture. I haven't tried it yet, but it does look nice though, and it looks like it only stream games with not overlay cam thing or picture or video, but maybe it has dunno, can't check at the moment, but if it does, and it has no strict 'copy right' claims like twitch (which is fairy i might add) then this could (and probably is) a competitor for Twitch TV. Only thing that can really punch Twitch is make it have ads on their streams. Link
  9. Chaos Domain Steam Free on Indiegala

    An Indie game called as Chaos Domain is free on Indiegala grab it while you can ! https://www.indiegala.com/store
  10. Just thought of making a Steam only sale list/post because why not So if you find a nice sale, post it here
  11. What's your Steam Wishlist?

    We all have some games that we wanna play, but somehow sometimes we just do not have the spare cash to give some love to games we like. So what's on your wish list? Steam specifically because it's the DRM most people use. I'll start with mine in sequence: 1. GTA V 2. Dying Light 3. The Crew 4. Evolve 5. Divinity : OS 6. The Evil Within 7. AC : Unity 8. NBA 2k 15 9. TESO 10. Space Engineers 11. Prison Architect 12. GRID Autosport 13. The Stanley Parable 14. Project Zomboid 15. Battle Block Theater Feel free to comment on my little wishlist, do hope to see yours too so that I can expand my list
  12. So it popped up on steam greenlight, and supposedly it will come to steam early access soon after it becomes greenlit, and i hope it does fast because i want to play it, looks so much fun! love he design and art style, and the those big jar headed brain enemies, also dat big wheel mount looks soo cool!
  13. The tweet has since been deleted The game was Paranautical Activity Activity, and the reasons for this tweet was, basically the game was launching out of Early Access, releasing as a full new game, and when the time arived, in the steam front page it was (not exact quote) "Paranautical Activity Activity now available in Early Access" instead of "..now available to purchase" and so the developer went on a twitter rampage and said the previous tweet. And here's conformation that the game was pulled because of that tweet @tomasduda yes — Mike Maulbeck (@SpooderW) October 20, 2014 Valve then responded saying "Yes, we have removed the game's sales page and ceased relations with the developer after he threatened to kill one of our employees," said Valve's Doug Lombardi. With the developer saying "I have since obviously replied to them saying that I didn't mean what I said and pleaded that they consider the monopoly they have on the PC market before totally writing us off," Maulbeck said in an email to Polygon, "but let's be real. If they took the game off the store, they're fuckin sure about their decision. There's probably nothing to be done." Here was my response when i read the head title: "WHAT?LOL XD" source
  14. PAYDAY: The Heist for FREE

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/24240/ That's right folks, Payday is FREE on steam for 24 hours. Make sure you grab your copy before it's too late!
  15. KSalue Steam Curator

    hey guys we started our own steam curator page on steam be sure to follow us : store.steampowered.com/curator/6798724-KSalue/

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